Found It Free- Ways to keep your e-reader filled

This is an ever-growing guide to free and discounted e-books. There are plenty of resources to find bargain or free e books online.
Feel free to add any I have missed.

First, for most ebooks,  you will need an e-reader.

Owning an e-reader is nice, I personally use a Kindle Fire when I can wrench it from my teen’s sticky fingers, however investing up front for a device to read books on isn’t necessary. Amazon, Kobo and Barnes n Noble all offer a free e-reader app for smart devices and computers. Depending on where I am, what I am doing, and whether or not my kid is hogging my electronics, I read books on my phone, my non-Kindle tablet and my computer.

On your smart devices, the apps are available wherever you normally download your apps from. On your computer, you can go to:

NOOK: / KOBO: / Kindle:

So now that you can read them, how do you find great deals on e-books?

  • The first place to start is where you would normally start when you are looking for a book to read. Your local library. Many libraries now offer e-books for check out right alongside print books, and there are services such as OverDrive that connect the libraries together giving them more options.
  • There are monthly subscription services like Kindle Unlimited or Scribd. The average monthly price is generally about $10 per month. There are limitations, but you can read as much as you want. If you are an Amazon Prime member there are also free books available every month and books available for you to borrow, much like their prime video and music service.
  • You can go straight to the authors and publishers. Many offer newsletters, sign-ups, giveaways and special promotions, offering new and discounted books. You can visit their web-pages, blogs, and social media pages.
  • Giveaways are always fun. Book sites such as Goodreads, Riffle, LibraryThing, Storyfinds, and BookLikes are always running book giveaways and contests, often for newly released books, signed books or ARCs. Publisher websites are also good places to check.
  • Another place to look is at online retailers. Amazon, Barnes n Noble, Smashwords, and KOBO all offer free books on their sites. Book sites such as Goodreads and BookBub also show when books are free and offer links back to retailers
  • Really getting popular lately are read and review sites. They will give you the books for free if you post reviews on their site and/or retail and book sites that you frequent. The upside is all the free books you can handle. The downside is that they keep track of who leaves reviews so if you don’t review the books they will cut you off. Below are some ideas and a browser search will bring up tons more.
    Bookish First
    Hidden Gems Reviews
    Choosy Bookworm
    First to Read
    Book Giveaways
    Voracious Readers Only
    The Book Gobbler
    Free and Fast Reviews
    Books Go Social
    Online Book Club
  • If you have a blog then you might consider dedicating a page of your blog to books and joining some blog tours. You could score some free books and some bog traffic. The flip side is that you will be required to post reviews on your blog at a specific time. A simple search will bring up tours in your preferred genre. Some of my favorite tours are.
    Great Escape Book Tours
    Bewitching Booktours
  • Finally, there are several websites that specialize in offering e-books at a discount. Some update daily, others not so often. Most sites will also have a newsletter. The following list is constantly growing and I am always looking for tips on others. Some are better with particular genres of books while others focus on a certain retailer or e-reader.


  1. H! There!

    I am looking for reviewers for my new environmentally-friendly book, The Sharing Tree. It is a reimagining of Shel Sliverstein’s classic, The Giving Tree, from an Aboriginal stewardship perspective for schools. It comes with free activity books for elementary school school classes and a teachers’ guide.

    Any chance you could help out? I would love to share a free copy with you!

    Thanks either way,
    Sean Thompson

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