Feature: Adventures In Science Fiction

Hey there!

You know me from the 5 Questions and To Be An Author features, but what you don’t know is that I love Science Fiction. My true love is the old pulp novels with their campy covers and the epic, over the top, Flash Gordon style stories. My current writing project is an alternate history future featuring a broken down cloud racer from Neptune and his salvage ship crew in a time bending episodic adventure.

What I would like to share with you is everything from classic pulp sci fi to modern takes on the genre and everything in between, including the occasonal sally into movies and my favorite television episodes. I would love to share with you science that seems like sci-fi.

I hope you will enjoy Sci-fi Saturdays and Super Hero Sundays

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Hi, I’m L. Nathaniel Perry: Slytherin starship captain and aspiring sci-fi author, traveling in the TARDIS using the Force to find the One Ring. Ad Victoriam!!! Read more

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