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Confessions Of An Honest Man
by Arthur Rosch

This novel has won Writer’s Digest Honorable Mention. In spite of its dark subject matter “Confessions Of An Honest Man” is written with warmth and wit. This is a story about family dysfunction, .psychotherapy, jazz, addiction, and The Afghan War. This gripping tale of the secret life of a suburban family is an original literary achievement.

The narrative explores a fifty year slice of life through the eyes of the Kantro family. The story tells a tale of childhood abuse yet it always leads the reader towards humor and tenderness. It explores the price paid by children who suffer from parental violence. Along the way we pass through high school in the 60’s, The Summer Of Love, meet Jimi Hendrix, fight in the Soviet Afghan War and make the arduous journey from addiction to recovery. “Confessions Of An Honest Man” is a psychological book. It observes in minute and honest detail the quirks of human nature. It amuses and horrifies. It always surprises.

Father Max, mother Esther and the four children are portrayed credibly and with deep inner logic. Youngest son Mark is a mediocre martial artist, weapons collector and sociopath. Though he is outwardly charming, his father knows that beneath the glib smile lurks the possibility of violence. Mari-lee is a climber, looking to marry the wealthiest man she can snare. Sarah and Aaron seek refuge in creativity. They are damaged souls but as they respond to their wounds we see how they make moral choices that influence their destinies.

While working in music, Aaron meets his mentor, a famous jazz musician named Zoot Prestige. The saxophonist demonstrates an approach to living, a funny, flexible world view that helps Aaron in his time of deepest crisis. Zoot defines the nature of Evil in a few pithy sentences. What is Disease and what is Evil? Zoot knows the difference. When Aaron loses his way and suffers his dark night of the soul he remembers his teacher’s admonition:”ask for help. Don’t be too proud. You can’t do it alone. Ask for help”.

This book is a coming-of-age adventure novel that looks “under the hood” into human beings’ deepest motivations. There is so much here with which to identify! The Kantros may not be ordinary people but they aren’t difficult to understand. They want to live, to love, to thrive. Why is that so difficult? These are some of the questions that are explored in “Confessions Of An Honest Man.”

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Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Spider Jockey Academy
by Christopher Craft

At the Academy, the toughest test you’ll take is the test of will. Do you have what it takes to pass? Across vast caverns and dangerous valleys, there lies a place unlike any other, tucked away into the mountainside, which only a privileged few will ever see. It is here, in the Academy, where the men are separated from the boys, and good separated from the evil. Join Boris, the only flesh-covered human to ever step foot within its walls, as he navigates the treacherous and, at times, deadly halls of the infamous Academy, in his daring pursuit to become a legendary spider jockey. In the Academy, you pass or you die. Do you have what it takes to make it to the top of the class?

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Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Struggle Within
by Rebecca Jane Heipel

Nicola had it all. A loving boyfriend. A successful new business. A potential baby on the way and two loving sisters. But all of that changed overnight when a secret admirer quickly became a persistent stalker whom the police wouldn’t take seriously, forcing Nicola to take matters into her own hands. Watch as her sisters come across a dark family secret better left buried and as Nicola slowly unravels as everything around her falls apart. Be prepared for a shocking twist of events that will leave your heart racing and blow your mind away as you discover the stalker is someone much closer to home than anyone could have anticipated.

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Rating: 5 out of 5.
The Road Has Eyes: A Relationship, An RV and a Wild Ride
by Arthur Rosch

Were they crazy? Could Art and Fox leave the house and move into an RV full time? Art was a photographer/astronomer and wanted to escape city lights. Fox needed to explore her Native American roots. They started learning RVs. They were victorious but not before they courted utter disaster.

The humor of this book seems to lie in the disasters. THE ROAD HAS EYES is a surprising and fun read. This memoir is about making the transition from living in a house to living in an RV. In 2004 Art and Fox resided in a cottage in the woods of Northern California. They had purchased a used recreational vehicle for travel to the Southwest. Fox had recently discovered that she was one half Chiricahua Apache. This confirmed a nagging suspicion that had haunted her for more than forty years. The couple could use the RV to explore their passions. Fox wanted to connect with her Native American heritage. Art wanted to go places where he could master his photography and enjoy his love of astronomy and pristine dark skies. They pointed themselves in their rickety RV towards Arches National Park and hit the road without experience or preparation.

The book begins with the story of their meeting. Art was using the internet to get into foolish and comical situations. He met Fox through a mix-up, one of those fated coincidences that seems ordained by higher spirits. Soon they were living together and the idea of RV travel was deeply appealing. They quickly got into trouble. Every crisis led them to people whose kindness and generosity had no ulterior motive. When they finally reached Moab, Utah, the trip took on an eerie tone, as if they had traveled through both time and space. The Four Corners area is inherently weird and surreal. Strange things began to happen; strange powers began to emerge through Fox. Art writes about her childhood psychic abilities and the ways in which they were stimulated when the pair began their travels. In THE ROAD HAS EYES Art describes the process of acquiring a better, bigger motor home. The search for a new vehicle took them to Florida.

The return drive was an epic of mad adventure. They were piloting a 38 foot motor coach. This was just following the disaster of Hurricane Katrina. Driving along Interstate Ten was like descending through Dante’s circles of Hell. All the campgrounds in three states were filled with refugees from the storm. A Canadian family wanted company and offered to treat the adventurers to a three day binge at Disneyland. Sure! Why not? First they had to reach California! Art’s chapter “Disneyland As Hell” is a comic masterpiece of social observation.

THE ROAD HAS EYES, A RELATIONSHIP, AN RV AND A WILD RIDE THROUGH INDIAN COUNTRY is an exciting and funny exploration of America as seen through the eyes of two odd characters who chose the road less traveled

The Road Has Eyes

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Rating: 5 out of 5.
Save the Last Bullet for God
by JT Alblood

What if what you thought that you knew as history is just an illusion? Vienna, 1920. Wilhelm Reich is a medical student, working as a night nurse at a mental hospital, when he meets Maria Orsic, a beautiful young woman who happens to be suffering from paranoid schizophrenia. Wilhelm is captivated and finds himself falling in love. Then, one night, he helps her to escape, only to lose her the next morning. Years later, he is a respected psychiatrist working in Berlin when he meets Maria for the second time. And he finds that she needs his help again — with a message she’s received from the aliens. This tale is a complex one and includes mystics, Nazis, occult societies, the thousands-year-long invasion of aliens into the human genome, retro-chronal causality, secret codes within DNA, the number Pi, the Holy book and so much more. “Save the Last Bullet for God” is a trilogy set of “Alpha Tauri Strain”, “Code of Disjointed Letters” and “Homo Avatarius”. Reviews, “… truly was one of the most complex high concept novels I have laid eyes on in a long time.” – Best of the alien time travel science fiction alternate history “J.T. Alblood’s novel is a thought-provoking and groundbreaking work of best speculative sci-fi adventure of a lifetime. – Best of the time travel fiction alternate history. “It would be hard to find a more original work than this. “ – Best of the alien alternate history . “Everything is made clear. I read the beginnings of Elif’s story towards the end of my lunch break and had to get up and walk away from them heartbroken.” – Best of the time travel alien science fiction alternate history . “…Engaging storytelling, fertile imagination, and evocative imagery will keep readers engrossed.” – Best of the time travel mystery occult alternate history . “The novel conjures a mood of Kafkaesque bafflement that’s explained but not dispelled by a late reveal that readers will likely see coming. Alblood’s deft magical realism and talent for evocative description and sharply-etched characters make for an engaging story. – Best of the suspense thrillers and mysteries alternate history. “When I came to Elif’s first passage and realized exactly what was occurring, I was absolutely gobsmacked in the best way. I thought this was incredibly brilliant, and it was at this point that I truly couldn’t put the book down.” – Time travel alien science alternate history. “…your science fiction novel was incredibly unique and may I say…held me as a captive audience of one. I read for 12 straight hours not only to get it done in time, but to figure out what was really going on.” – Best suspense thrillers and mysteries alternate history nazi UFO Best alternate history, nazi UFO

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