Daily Book Quote: Influenced by Felice Stevens

“Shh. I couldn’t sleep.”
Not exactly the truth.
He could, but he’d rather sleep with Matty.
“Do I look like a glass of warm milk?” Matty grumbled,
so adorable that Bryce had to kiss him again.
And again.

Influenced: A Small-Town M/M Romance

Book Title:    Influenced: A Small-Town M/M Romance

Author:   Felice Stevens 
Purchase Link:    https://amzn.to/3cbqgGW
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The truth is, I almost didn’t make it out of the first chapter of this book. Bryce’s fall hit hard and fast and in all honestly, I began to think that he was too immature, maybe too unlikeable, to be worth reading about. I stuck it out though because damn did he get rolled hard by life. He deserved someone to give him a chance.

Ultimately this story is about Bryce’s redemption, but it is also a story about healing and finding peace in a place you may never think to look. That is something that even Matty, though he seems to have it all figured out, really needs in his life. This book makes the best of the opposites attract trope leading to a truly wonderful love story that is about more than just the protagonists. (Not to mention adding to my TBR by using cameos of characters from other books- sneaky author).

The best part of this book, and really any book, are the characters and the relationships between them. I would read a dozen books just for the dynamic between Bryce and Earl. Tanya, Matty’s friends, and the boys at Lucky’s make me want to return to Serenity and spend lots of time. They are good people with so many stories waiting to be told and I want to read them all.

It was hard to pick a single quote from my favorites because there were things that needed to be said. This quote from the point in their relationship where being together was starting to become more important than keeping up appearances just spoke to me of the all love and happiness that was still just a touch of reach for them but becoming very reachable indeed.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

reviewed via Kindle Unlimited

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