Daily Book Quote: Tangled in Clouds

“Whoever had made him feel so uncomfortable about his body and his scars needed crosschecked into a wall.

A brick wall.

That was on fire.

And had spikes.

Tangled in Clouds

Book Title:   Tangled in Clouds (An According to Liam Novella)
Author:    V.L. Locey
Purchase Link:   Amazon
Genre: MM Romance, Hockey Romance
Available in Kindle Unlimited  
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I was so excited when this book came out. Jamie is my favorite secondary character in this series. Inside he is quiet and timid. The face he presents to the world is nothing short of fierce. He makes the conscience effort to stand up for himself and not take flak from anyone. His backstory is heartbreaking, but he isn’t broken.

Not surprisingly, the line quoted above is said by Heikki. A classic rough and tumble alpha jock, he has learned that there is more going on with him than he had thought and he is just a bit thrown by it. I love what this internal statement says about the kind of man Heikki is and his feelings for Jamie. He has a certain innocence about him that I find endearing. He calls himself a bumble mouth, though I wonder how much is just lost in translation. His tongue tumbles certainly made for great reading though. “ “I’m just a rookie in man loving and I’ll have many thumbs but I’m not searching for me anymore. I found me. Me wants to be with you. I found me and I want to be me for you.” “ Who wouldn’t swoon after a declaration like that? Once it gets unraveled anyways.

This is a heartwarming read,  filled with a surprising amount of feels for a tiny amount of pages.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

Reviewed on Kindle Unlimited

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