Daily Book Quote: Platonic Rulebook by Saxon James

“Heath is … everything.
He’s long summers together.
He’s support and kindness.
Hard work and a smart mouth.
A man I’ve always admired.
He’s second chances and hope.
He’s my future.”

Platonic Rulebook (Divorced Men’s Club 2)

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The above quote says everything about the relationship between these men; best friends first, but so much potential.

When two men who have been best friends forever find that they have a stronger connection it makes for a splendid love story. This is the second book in this series and I waited so impatiently for it after reading book 1, much as I am now waiting impatiently for book 3. The core characters in this series are such great guys, with stories begging to be told, and the MCs in this book no less. While Griff’s relationship with his ex seemed a bit odd when it came up in the first book, his situation makes sense in the context of this story. It is a gratifying read. Heath, if he can get past his own bits of baggage is a perfect fit for the newly single Griff.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.


Divorced Men’s Club by Saxon James


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