Spotlight/Review: On Thin Ice (Loving the Pack Book 1) by Kat Obie

On Thin Ice (Loving the Pack Book 1)

About The Book

On Thin Ice (Loving the Pack Book 1)

Time to get ready for the Next Generation of the Wild. It’s the kids’ turn to find their mates.


Coming to Minneapolis to play for the Wild’s mini camp was a dream come true to jump start my hockey career. It was only natural to crash with my dad’s friend and ex-teammate, Philippe Delaney. Everything was going great. The Wild is loving what they’re seeing and I might have found my mate. The only issue, my mate isn’t a werewolf and Mr. D has forbidden me from dating his youngest daughter. So do I listen to the powerful alpha or my heart?


Hanging out with Jayden again has been a dream come true. He’s sweet, caring and a bit of a comic. But best of all, he isn’t afraid to date me. Now the biggest obstacle is the fact that I’m a sea otter shifter and he’s a werewolf. Could he really be my mate?

Settle in for a story that shows the ups and downs of a forbidden relationship with a hint of friends to lovers. Find out what happens when fate decides that a werewolf and a sea otter shifter are the perfect match.

If you love werewolves, shifters and hockey romances, this is the book for you.

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What started out as a contemporary romance series centered on the game of hockey has evolved into so much more. The highly anticipated first book in the new romance series by Kat Obie is here and boy does it go in a new direction. Built on the solid foundation of her Loving the Sound world, Loving the Pack is the follow up to the supernatural spin off, Loving the Wild.

Jayden is a wolf shifter. It is a secret he shares with his father, former Wild player Dez Smith (His story leads off the Wild series). Jayden has spent the last few years learning to control his speed and strength enough to play professional hockey. The extra power that comes with being a shifter is all well and good, but a five-mile slap shot might raise a few eyebrows on the all human NHL teams. He has been given the chance to come to Wild rookie training camp and to maybe try for a spot on the team.

Kennedi, an otter shifter, is grumpy coach Phillipe Delaney’s youngest daughter, independent and sassy, with an overprotective dad. A world class athlete on her own, she has a firm sense of where her life is going.

Dez and Delaney were close as players and while their kids grew up playing together, things are a bit different now that they are adults. Warned to keep things non romantic, the couple pushes the boundaries as they become certain they are true mates, the ultimate in relationship goals in the shifter world. Still, no one has any idea what will happen if two different types of shifters mate. That is a twist that makes this well loved story take on a whole new life.

I dearly love the dynamic between the two main characters as they are drawn to one another and look forward to seeing how they evolve into the greater story as the series progresses. There are no huge surprises in their romance which is sweet with just the right amount of heat, but the big question marks about the future are never far from the story.

I also enjoyed seeing more of the inner workings of Wolf pack. There are obvious undercurrents that open up so much potential going forward. Though I get the feeling that the author is just kind of making up the rules to her supernatural universe as she goes (Yes, I do recognize the irony in that statement), I do believe that she is on to something wholly original in what is sometimes an over saturated romance niche. Yeah, I am looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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