Daily Book Quote: Today (Single Dads) by RJ Scott 

When I got to his house,
I wouldn’t kiss him,
or go to my knees

or carry him somewhere
so we could get off.
Today we would spend some time talking

like I would on a regular date,
and I wouldn’t lose control

and show him how much I wanted him.
But then, Brady opened the door.

Today (Single Dads Book 2)

Purchase Link: https://amzn.to/3xqJgHM
Available in Kindle Unlimited

This is my favorite book in the series and Brady is hands down my favorite character. This quote shows how wonderfully sweet the love story between Brady and Eric is. Brady is so sure the only way a man could want him is if he wants to fix him. Eric, who could be with anyone, just wants to be with Brady. Brady is his person.
See all my favorite quotes from this book: https://bit.ly/3QiQ5no

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