Daily Book Quote: Single (Single Dads Book 1)

“Yeah, right. You’re a funny man.”

He shut his front door behind him faster than I could stand up.
He thought I was joking?
The thought of kissing him?
Of touching him?
Of all the kinds of hot and nasty things we could do together?
I was hard and had to restrain myself from suggesting a date much more interesting and obvious than a casual coffee between friends.

I hadn’t been joking.

Single (Single Dads Book 1)

Purchase Link: https://amzn.to/38uSoTy
Available on Kindle Unlimited

Ash is a new dad and he is tired, overwhelmed, and just tired. Sean is one of the three roommates that just moved in next door. A trio of first responders, an ER doctor,  a fireman, and a police officer who are lifelong friends that take an immediate interest in Ash and his new daughter. I very much enjoyed the insight into the world these men live in, where circumstances or a chance mistake can cause a life to hang in the balance. The comfort that being a part of Mia’s brand new life gave them was a poignant contrast. 

Right from the opening of the book, any parent would identify with Ash and his sleep-deprived state. We have all been there and done that. He worries about everything he doesn’t yet know about being a parent. He worries about everything he does know about the world he has brought his daughter into and on top of all that he still dealing with the betrayal of a partner who left him to do it all alone.

Sean is smitten with both his neighbor and his new daughter, gobsmacked really. He can easily see taking care of both them forever and they do need a little bit of being taken care of. Sean is sweet and romantic and had me swooning right along with Ash.

Coming into this book, I had read a couple of the later books of the series and it was really great to see these wonderful characters in a different light, from the beginning. I kind of knew the story, but to see it play out was super sweet. 

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

reviewed via Kindle Unlimited


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