Daily Book Quote: Royal Lines (Boston Rebels Book 4)

” I glanced at a servant skittering past.
She curtsied to Kaleb,
then gave me a long awkward glance.
“Heh. Jet lag always makes me skittish. I’m like a thoroughbred stallion, you know. A little jumpy but guaranteed to give you a hell of a ride.”
There, that sounded like my usual composed self.

“I’m a rather skilled equestrian,” Kaleb said

Royal Lines (Boston Rebels Book 4)

Purchase Link- https://amzn.to/3wFZn5i

The Boston Rebels is another great, although a bit different, hockey romance series from VL Locey and RJ Scott. The latest hockey team set in the expanded world of the Harrisburg Railers, this series is less about hockey players who try to fit romance into their careers and ice thrills, and more about guys who fall in love and just happen to play hockey at the top level. You know, real life, where the hockey leaves off.

In this book, while off season Marquis Miller is tasked with providing a bid estimate on the refit of the plumbing in an historical European keep. Though he would rather be playing hockey, he knows his family’s business depends on him stepping up and getting this right. Prince Kaleb, though the youngest of the royal heirs of Norstoe, is the one shouldering all the responsibility while his siblings weather their various crises. Falling for the incredibly charming dapper Marquis, is just not a smart move when his family needs him to step up and lead by example.

More star crossed than sweet on the romance side, it is obvious to everyone from the most fleeting character in the book, to the reader that these two men belong together.  Yet, with their lives on different continents and family obligations pulling at them, it doesn’t seem possible. The side stories with each of the royal siblings and the arranged marriage drama, are slightly surreal to be happening all at once, yet they were a great way to wrap up loose ends as the story progresses. I was super excited to see Erik Gunnarsson-Lyamin (among other familiar characters) come out to play hockey. In the extended adventures of the Railers, Erik almost always seems to be stuck at home with the kids, not that I would ever complain about stories with his husband and teammate Stan.

This book was worth the wait and now of course I am waiting for Rebels book 5 at the end of August. I will have to convince myself to not restart the reading list over, I could have all four series re-read by the time the new book comes out. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

reviewed via Kindle Unlimited


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