Daily Book Quote: Calloway Cove: (Bayshore Beach Book 1)

You’re leaving because you’re scared,
and for the first time,
you see a future with someone.
And that scares you
more than anything
because you’ve never
had anyone solid in your life,
anyone you could trust.
Until now.”

Calloway Cove: (Bayshore Beach Book 1)

Purchase Link- https://amzn.to/3G8kWi0

Calloway Cove picks up in Andi’s life just as her mother has passed away from a years long illness. Mother has told her to stay in her childhood home and try to recapture her love for writing that has passed to the side over her life due to rejection and grief.  Andi’s mom knew what it was to have regrets and she didn’t want her daughter to feel the same.

Ford is a successful author with many books and films to his credit. His life has recently imploded due to scandal and betrayal from people in his life he should have been able to trust. He needs a personal assistant while he hides away in this small beach town trying to finish his next book.

This is an inviting slow-burn romance. Ford is beyond burnt out and cynical,  while Andi is already in a relationship she feels obligated to make work.  They have an innate ability to challenge each other and inspire momentum in the right direction. They compliment each other so nicely, it is sweet how the relationship builds so that even the others around them can see it.

I do wish the boyfriend situation had been dealt with sooner. She knew almost from the start he wasn’t good for her, and it left the actual romance a bit rushed with the big conflict. Still, the overall series arc looks to be solid with great secondary characters and plenty of potential for romance. I am looking forward to revisiting these two MC characters as I progress through the series. 

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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