Daily Book Quote: Taking A Risk (Loving the Wild)

Then Kelsey whispered, “Why does he call you by your last name?”

“It’s a hockey thing. At least it’s not Phillyboy or something lamer.”

-Taking A Risk

Purchase- https://amzn.to/3v9yA0r

Not a typical boy-meets-girl story. Not a typical paranormal romance.

Taking a Risk is Delaney’s story in the world of Minneapolis Wild Hockey. So far in this series we have met Dez, a professional hockey player turned into a werewolf by a rogue, and Kirby, a shifter and up and coming player who has grown up in an established wolf pack. The Wild is wild with vampires and other types of shifters as well (bears, sea creatures, etc), not to mention the occasional mesmerized human. These men play hard and live by complicated rules while trying to fit into the ‘polite society’ of professional ice hockey. This story goes a long way toward filling in some of the spaces in the world-building surrounding this spin-off of the Loving the Sound hockey romance series.

The reader gets to see this world through the eyes of newly turned sea otter shifter, Kelsey, who as it turns out is the fated true love mate of Phillipe Delaney, resident team grump. The two meet when Delaney seeks out a grief support group at her holistic shop, to help him deal with the death of his previous partner. She offers the reader insight into the shifter experience as well as the interpersonal relationships between the players and their respective mates. Plus, we get to learn the rules and the lore right along with her. It is great to catch up with returning characters and the setup for the promised Wild next-gen series is more than exciting.


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