Spotlight: Liar Liar (Dr Webber’s Patient Files)

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Liar Liar (Dr Webber’s Patient Files)

Deshika Adikara struggles to imagine herself becoming a mother. She never desired to have children till she met her fiancé, Dylan. Her reservations remain and she struggles with the guilt from it. She hopes that with the birth of her first child her feelings will change. That is until on one fateful evening an intruder takes that opportunity from her. The world does not believe her story. They believe instead that Deshika’s first born child came to some sinister end at the hands of his own mother. Now she must do everything she can to leave the psychiatric hospital she’s admitted to so she can find her son. However, she quickly finds that her biggest obstacle is her own mind. What is true and what is a figment of her imagination, and how will Dr. Webber help her find her true north.

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Deshika Adikara is a tortured soul. Her relationship is with her fiance is rocky and she needs a break from what seems to be the constant crying of her newborn son. Waking to morning silence after a night lost to weakness, her fiancee has not been home, her front door is standing open, and her son is missing. She becomes the prime suspect in his disappearance with foul play suspected. What follows is her herculean effort to prove her innocence and to find her son. However, nothing is what it seems and her own mind is her worst enemy. 

Couched as a first-person flashback, this story has all the ingredients of a blockbuster thriller. The story is compelling. The characters are well thought out and multifaceted. The twists and turns are riveting.  Sadly what this story lacks most is length. Condensed as it is the details, unfortunately, get muddled and confused. While the reader is firmly led along a certain path, the big reveal at the end lands like an anvil because there just wasn’t enough story to make the sparse clues make sense. The eponymous character Dr. Webber is the one character with no real development and so there is no reason to trust this person’s vision of what the truth is depsite the kick in the teeth curveball ending.

With three preceding stories in the series and more on the way, I am intrigued. It is obvious that the author knows how to tell a story and has a firm grasp of the genre. I would love to read a full-length treatment of this subject matter. The characters deserve their full due.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5.

reviewed via Kindle Unlimited, my opinions are my own.

A male officer then walked in and nodded towards the empty wine bottles on the kitchen table to the female officer. There were three empty wine bottles standing tall, proud of the secrets they were giving away. I could have sworn I only emptied two. In all the fuss and horror, I had completely forgotten about my previous night’s shenanigans. “Wait until Dylan hears about it.” I wouldn’t hear the end of it.

“Big night,” said the female officer. How was I to answer that question? “Could we just leave it to the obvious assumption of all,” I told myself. The officers questioned us for quite a while whilst others scoured the house, gathering evidence. After enduring their lengthy questioning, they finally asked Dylan to return to the station with them. This was delivered by a constable that appeared to be the man in charge. It sounded like they imagined something untoward, something sinister had happened in our house, likely at our own hands, now we were trying to cover it all up by accusing an intruder of taking Nasir. They appeared determined to get to the bottom of it.

“It certainly appears by all the baby stuff we’ve observed upstairs and after thorough investigation that certainly a toddler was here at some point in time,” said the female officer. “However, my superior would like to bring your fiancé in for further questioning just to clarify some of the details provided to us about what happened here tonight.” “I don’t understand. What does that mean? Is he in trouble? Are we in trouble?” I asked. My heart was racing, shocked at how quickly everything was unfolding. “What had Dylan said to the officers?” I wondered.

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