New Release: Making A Move: (Loving the Wild Book 2)

About The Book

Making A Move: A paranormal hockey romance (Loving the Wild Book 2)

Kirby wanted a true love mate but that was off the table… until he met the girl he was supposed to marry.

Kirby loves a few things in his life: friends, family, his pack, and hockey. He focused his attention on not causing trouble for the pack and scoring a ton of goals for the Minneapolis Wild. He would do anything for the pack including marrying a girl for the stability of the pack even if that meant he had to give up his desire for a true love match. Then all of a sudden his betrothed showed up and he finds out that he doesn’t have to marry her since he didn’t have political aspirations. He seemed to be off the hook, except for one thing: he had to let her be his roommate when she moved to America to attend University.

Her early arrival to America was twofold. To pursue her education and more importantly for the Scottish pack, to choose who she’d marry. She was no longer betrothed to Kirby Blades, but she was still expected to marry one of the strongest members of their pack. Between hanging out with Kirby and trying to date other pack members, she realized one thing. She wanted Kirby. If only he wasn’t so submissive off the ice, she could pursue a relationship with him.

When Kirby finally makes his move will it pay off or is it too late?

If you love werewolves and hockey romances, this is the book for you.

*** Making A Move takes place in the Loving the Sound series (a contemporary hockey romance series) timeline but it’s not necessary to read the other series first to enjoy this one.

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When I embarked on my first reading of a book in this series, “Taking A Chance (Loving the Wild Book 1)”, I tended to avoid certain tropes, shifters and sports romance among them. Still, as a hockey fan, I could immediately appreciate the irony of a team of shifters and other paranormal creatures playing for a team in Minneapolis called “The Wild.” This is a team that every team might dread playing against because they hit hard and often and are always cranky on the ice. What I loved was how easily, despite my reluctance to legitimatize the sub-genre, I was drawn into a story that felt bigger than the book I was reading. What was a forgone conclusion of a love story, (How could it be anything else when the certainty of a true love mate was announced before the first date?) set the stage for what could be an epic tale. Characters were introduced that had stories of their own that I couldn’t wait to hear.  The groundwork was laid to elucidate the inner workings of not only a werewolf pack, but also a disparate group of shifters and vampires who just want to play a game they love while keeping the humans they play against none the wiser to a paranormal reality. It was made all the better for being a spin-off of the completely human normal “Loving The Sound” series

In the new book, “Making A Move: (Loving the Wild Book 2)“, we pick up Kirby’s story.  A natural werewolf, he was at one time a potential leader in the pack so a betrothal was made between Kirby and Charlotte Stewart, an alpha daughter in the UK wolfpack. While Kirby’s status has changed, Charlotte still needs a mate, and he is chosen to look after her as his roommate while she gets to know the alphas in the area. As in the first book Kirby, at first, comes across as easy going and a natural keeper of the status quo. As his attraction to Lottie grows he finds he must step things up to meet his full potential if he is going to have a chance at the life he wants.

 Looking back to Dez’s story that potential was always there. Kirby took the lead in welcoming the lone wolf omega to the team, as the best tracker in the pack, he chased Dez down when his panic over his new mate sent him into flight mode (not to mention his being essential in the capturing of the rogue wolf who made Dez in the first place). More importantly, Kirby made himself available to help Dez as he tried to fit in with his new worldview. In my humble opinion, Kirby has what it takes, he is a good friend and a natural lead by example leader, but as his story unfolds it is easy to see why he may be reluctant to push himself forward.  A young woman like Lottie with her practicality and diplomacy might be just what is needed to bring it out in him. 

Along with returning characters such as Paddy and Delaney being filled out a bit more, we meet some great new characters like the aforementioned Lottie, a wolf princess with a touch of magic, and Kirby’s brother-in-law Perry and irrepressible niece Mason, all of whom add a bit more history and intrigue into this growing story. We get to see more of the inner workings and lore of the packs. The world-building is slow burning, while the romance is ice meltingly hot. I am so ready for more of this series. 

Rating: 5 out of 5.

I received an advance review copy through Kat Obie for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

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