Series Spotlight: Love will OUT by D.E. Haggerty

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I have been a fan of D.E. Haggerty and her romantic comedy for years. She has a knack for bringing together disparate characters into a found family that resonates in all walks of life. The Love will OUT series is by far my favorite series of hers, (though I am looking forward to the next one). How can you go wrong with an Irish pub that does double duty as a family room, a PI firm that gloats “You Cheat, We Eat?” and a pack of adopted uncles who are overprotective, irreverent, and over the top.

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A Hero for Hailey: a sexy second chance romantic comedy (Love will OUT Book 1)

Hailey is plucky, independent, and a little bit cynical, while Aiden is solid and straightforward. They make a cute couple and it is enjoyable to watch them try to come together while trying to solve the intrigue that is surrounding them.

The true gem of this book, though is McGraw’s Pub, Hailey’s home away from home. This is her stomping grounds, the place where family and friends come together to make her life miserable in all the best kinds of ways. The nosy, klutzy, well-meaning Suzie and shy newcomer Phoebe play off the barely concealed over-protectiveness of Hailey’s barkeep father and his ex-army poker buddies in hilarious and unexpected ways. Hilarious for the reader, not necessarily for Hailey and Aiden. Fantastic characters all!

Fun, Mystery, Romance. This book is a great start to the series.

A Protector For Phoebe : a suspenseful romantic comedy (Love will OUT Book 2) 

The found family is a theme that Haggerty writes extremely well. It provides a firm backdrop that allows her wonderful characters to take center stage and grow with the story while still leaving room to weave in plenty of other story sub arcs. None of her characters needs a family more than Phoebe does and their unconditional support is all the more important because the new man in her life, the one she is just beginning to trust, has some secrets of his own.

I appreciated the darker turn this story took. I love great comedy, but this one had just a bit of meat to it. Emotional abuse is often dismissed, it was nice to see it handled well in this story. I also appreciated getting to know the badass uncles a bit better. I love that they are full-on alpha, crude, and heavy-handed, yet are never “actually” over-reaching or insensitive. (well-written characters I want to adopt). I didn’t warm to Ryker the way I have to other leading men. On the flip side of that is that he is not cookie-cutter perfect.

A Soldier for Suzie: A Military Romantic Comedy (Love will OUT Book 3)

Suzie is the heart of the group, everyone’s loveable, but annoying baby sister. Her klutzy antics are the perfect foil for tension and her straight to the point questions and observations may be occasionally off-putting and crass, but she does have a knack for doing an end-round, breaking through tough exteriors into the soft gooey centers of her friends. Even before this book, it was obvious that she was being ridiculously stubborn about her no man policy and I am so glad to see her family ganging up on her to move past her ex and his legacy. Grayson is just perfect for Suzie, even she can see it in those moments when she totally honest with herself

Another great romantic comedy read by D.E. Haggerty. This book can easily be read as a standalone but will be enjoyed as part of the series. 

A Fox for Faith: A Single Mom Later in Life Romantic Comedy (Love will OUT Book 4)

Faith, and her teen son, are new to Milwaukee. Max is convinced she is in trouble and he is smitten. Faith just wants to keep her son safe, but that silver fox behind the bar at McGraw’s Pub sets her heart beating hard. All the series favorite characters, with their laugh-a-minute antics and romantic moments, are back. Seriously, by the end of chapter seven, I was laughing so hard, my guys had to remind me to breathe.

There is something so real and special about this extended/adopted family. The story picks up where Book 3 ended, but it can be read as a standalone (though why you would do that when lucky you can binge read the whole series is beyond me) 🙂

A Christmas for Chrissie: a later in life romantic comedy (Love will OUT Book 5)

In this select group of seriously capable alpha men, Wally is badassiest of the badasses. The woman he falls for simply cannot be a simpering flower. Chrissie, is most definitely not. None of the women in this series are but, Chrissie is a step up in a way that only one of the uncles can really appreciate (in the “I could tell you, but I would have to kill you” kind of way). While he is no stranger to keeping secrets, she is an enigma to Wally. Even with his connections, he can’t get read on Chrissie and her past. Of course, when her past comes calling and she is forced to admit she needs help, Wally and his band of brothers are right there for her.

I love how even serious themes in this series don’t stifle the laughter when faced with this wacky, feel good extended family. Add in crazy sweet grown up romance as well as both the fun and not so fun parts of the holiday season and we have ourselves a winner.

A Valentine for Valerie: a later in life romantic comedy (Love will OUT Book 6)

A Valentine for Valerie is Barney’s story. One of the ineffable group of retired ex-military ‘uncles’ who make McGraw’s Pub their stomping ground, he has become smitten by the mysterious Valerie. He is haunted by his past, but he can’t stay away from her, much as he thinks he should. He knows she is keeping secrets and when it becomes apparent that she is in danger he will do what he must to keep her safe.

Val is looking for a good time with no strings. She doesn’t believe in happy endings, only happy for nows. Barney intrigues her, ticks her off, and leaves her wanting more. As trouble comes looking for her, he is the first person she thinks to call, but how can it possibly go anywhere but badly?

Full of overprotective, high-handed, manly men who melt the hearts of the strong badass women in their lives. Off color jokes, dirty handed pranks, and rampant wagering show the love that is flowing in this tight knit group as each book in the series adds to the expanding story. I am looking forward to the next book as much as I enjoyed reading this one.

A Love for Lexi: a friends to lovers later in life romantic comedy (Love will OUT Book 7)

Lexi is a wonderful addition to the family and it was great getting to know more about Lenny. While all the men are more than they seem on the surface, it would seem Lenny is quite complex and the former CIA analyst, Lexi, is the perfect match for him.

As always, I laughed so hard I teared up. From Suzie’s litany of phallic euphemisms (Woody womb pecker, rumpleforeskin, seriously?!?) to the usual dirty jokes, witty sarcasms, and on-the-nose chapter titles (You don’t have to be crazy to be my friend. I’ll train you.) I will miss these ladies and their men.



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