Book Bites: Not So University Series by DK Sutton

My (Not So) Slutty Professor (Not So University Series Book 1)
by D. K. Sutton

Environmental studies student, Maddie Evans and Professor Reid Emerson have a  mutual problem. They are hot for one another. Maddie is in danger of losing his perfect GPA because his hot professor is distracting him. Reid is socially awkward having grown up a child genius and is gun shy an incident in his previous teaching position. This leaves him reluctant to act on his feelings and with no idea how to move forward. A mutual compromise might just be the ticket for both of them.

I am generally leary about teacher/student relationships in any form however the cover for this book was so adorable I did at least need to check it out. Cover boy Reid, as it turns out, really is geekily adorable in his own awkward way. Clever Maddie is his perfect foil; outgoing where Ried is shy, experienced where Reid is not, irreverent where Reid needs to the structure of rules. While I never quite got over my reluctance for the trope, the story and characters were so well written, that I needed to find out how the story ends. Throw in a completely unredeemable villain and I was completely invested in the outcome. The guys’ closest friends make this story a little bit epic along the way.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

reviewed via Kindle Unlimited

My (Not So) Grumpy Professor (Not So University Series Book 2)
by D. K. Sutton

While book one of this series lived up to its (not so) title, Professor Gabriel in this book definitely checks off the grumpy box. That certainly doesn’t help TA Ben much. Grumpy just might be his kink.

I knew in the previous book that there was more to the relationship between Reid and his brother than was alluded to. Ostensibly, Gabriel has come to teach at this university in order to make things right with his brother. Benji complicates things. He technically doesn’t qualify to be Gabriel’s TA due to a failed class, but somehow Ben finds a way to convince him to hire him anyway. That would be fine except the real objection Gabriel has to hiring the younger man is his off-the-charts attraction for him. Not appropriate and not conducive to the professor’s goals.

In many ways, this is a much better book than the first in the terms of world-building. We get a closer look at the secondary cast that so wonderfully seasoned the previous story and we get to see the part the brothers’ relationship played in crafting Reid’s worldview. The real gem though is how the book deals with Benji’s secrets, his learning disability, and his family angst, adding a needed touch of grit into this story that could easily have been saccharin sweet. With some leftover strings getting tied up, the ending to this book is almost satisfying. Or rather it would be if I knew that there is a happy ending waiting for the rest of the singles in this growing chosen family. I am also convinced that Dean Albin knows far more than he is letting on about everything. (I wouldn’t be surprised to find out he is a wizard)

Rating: 4 out of 5.

Reviewed via Kindle Unlimited


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