Guest Post: Meet Elizabeth Trout

Rather than telling y’all what happened last week, I thought it only fitting to introduce myself properly first. My name is Elizabeth Banks—no, sorry, it’s Elizabeth Trout. I recently married Jonas Trout and am still trying to get used to the whole new-last-name thing. 

People have always used different names for me. Elizabeth is a perfectly good name, but somehow everyone called me Ella Mae when I was growing up here in Jenkins, Arkansas. By the time I was old enough to realize I didn’t like it, the whole town was already in the habit of calling me Ella Mae.

Except my high school boyfriend. He came up with a pet name for me—Lizzie. I thought that was cute at the time, but it’s been ten years since we dated and he still can’t seem to break his annoying habit. On the other hand, I don’t get upset when my best friend from high school, Kelsey, calls me Eliza sometimes. She tricked me into reading Pride and Prejudice during English Honors class in junior year just so she’d have a study partner for the test and then started calling me by the protagonist’s nickname. There are a few other nicknames for me out there but I’ll just save those for another time.

I sure hope those different names for li’l ole me haven’t made your head hurt. I can barely keep track, but at least it’s not like looking at spreadsheets. Boy, I get an immediate headache from looking at one of those. Don’t you? 

Spreadsheets aren’t my thing. That’s fine with me because I’m an artist. Working as an independent graphics artist allows to me work when I want, never have to attend staff meetings, and not have a boss. A short disastrous stint working at an ad agency convinced me that working for someone else wasn’t for me. After all, having wild swings of emotion and overexaggerating things were all part of why we artsy types were given our very own license: artistic license.

I credit my artistic abilities to my Pawpaw. In addition to any genetic advantages he passed on, he taught me to draw and paint, plus plenty of other useful skills. Like who would ever have guessed that Pawpaw’s sleight-of-hand tricks would come in handy last week? Well, they did.

Last week was pretty crazy with poor Courtney Stanton getting murdered and one of my besties getting arrested. I just knew she’d never do something terrible like that, but the sheriff didn’t listen to me—AGAIN. At least I didn’t get arrested too. Jonas and I managed to figure everything out before things got too out of control. I’m mighty pleased with myself for solving the case and handling lots of things quite maturely last week. So unlike me.

I’d explain further but I think Marc Jedel did a great job telling the whole story in SWIMMING WITH THE FISHES. Y’all really should go read it today. It’s a fun clean read with lots of twists and surprises. I’m just happy it’s all over now. 

SWIMMING WITH THE FISHES is the second book in Marc Jedel’s new Ozarks Lake Mystery series. It’s available at Don’t you agree it’s pretty cool of him to tell stories about me and Jonas? Although I hope we don’t keeping having danger, dead bodies, or disasters in our future. Sure, it may make for a great story, but this is my life after all! 

He’s writing more books in his Silicon Valley Mystery series ( I haven’t read those but I hear they’re very funny. That doesn’t surprise me any as them Californians are strange folk, and none stranger than his main character, Marty. The first three of those books are also out on audio book, available everywhere audiobooks are sold. All Marc’s books are free for Kindle Unlimited members.

She’s settling into a new life. But when a fishing trip totally capsizes, can she get a friend off the hook for murder?

Elizabeth Trout still feels awkward being back home. Discovering a BFF from her raucous high-school days has become the perfect mom is as weird as staying with her mother while awaiting construction of her new home. But she’s shaken to her core when her newlywed husband and beloved dog are nearly blown out of the water in a dockside explosion which leaves another woman dead … and her bestie is arrested for the crime.

To clear her friend, Elizabeth and her spouse set out to reel in a killer by sifting through the murky depths of small town drama. But between missing money, ominous strangers, and a shady ex-husband, these amateur sleuths net more motives than they can handle.

Can this dynamic detective duo dig up an answer before the big one gets away?

Swimming with the Fishes is the sensational second book in the Ozarks Lake Mystery series. If you like clever couples, delightful lakeside settings, and a rollicking good time, then you’ll love Marc Jedel’s hilarious whodunit.

Purchase Links: Amazon

Marc Jedel writes humorous murder mysteries. He credits his years of marketing leadership positions in Silicon Valley for honing his writing skills and sense of humor. While his high-tech marketing roles involved crafting plenty of fiction, these were just called emails, ads, and marketing collateral.

For most of Marc’s life, he’s been inventing stories. As he’s gotten older, he’s encountered more funny and odd people and situations. This has made it even easier for him to write what he knows and make up the rest. It’s a skill that’s served him well, both as an author and marketer.

The publication of Marc’s first novel, UNCLE AND ANTS, gave him permission to claim “author” as his job. This leads to much more interesting conversations with people than answering, “marketing.” Becoming an Amazon best-selling author has only made him more insufferable.

Like his characters Jonas and Elizabeth from the Ozarks Lake Mystery series, Marc grew up in the South and spent plenty of time in and around Arkansas. Like his character, Marty from the Silicon Valley Mystery series, Marc now lives in Silicon Valley, works in high-tech, and enjoys bad puns. Along with all his protagonists, Marc too has a dog, although his is neurotic, sweet, and small, with little appreciation for Marc’s humor.

Visit his website,, for free chapters of novels, special offers, and more.

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me and Elizabeth today. I hope readers enjoy my books as much as I enjoy writing them. While Sleeping with the Fishes can be read standalone, I’d suggest starting with Fish Out of Water to get a better intro to the characters and a wild ride to the finish. I’m hard at work on book 5 in my other series, the Silicon Valley Mystery series. It will be called “Huh? Why? and Punch”. Yes, Marty will go to Hawaii and it may never be the same again!

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