Fantasy Master List

QandA with Author Kateri Stanley

Can you, for those who don’t know you already, tell something about yourself and how you became an author? / What is something unique/quirky about you? Hi there. I’m Kateri Stanley, a fiction writer from the West Midlands, in the United Kingdom. Like most writers, I started creating as a kid, scribbling characters that would…

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Guest Post: Writer’s block. It’s real, folks. by Casia Pickering

Writer’s block. It’s real, folks. Seriously. Take right this moment as an example. I wanted to sound pretentious, informative, and intellectual, permitted to sit among the greats, but really, I’m just me- a writer with the block. The block is called “The Guest Post.” For me, I dislike calling it a block. A block feels…

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Read an Excerpt: Dragons Walk Among Us by Dan Rice

Dragons Walk Among Us is the first novel in The Allison Lee Chronicles. I can confirm that readers should expect more books featuring Allison Lee and her squad. Right now, I am planning four, maybe five, books to comprise the entire series. Where do these books stand now? Well, I have the broad strokes outlined for…

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Read an excerpt: Blackheart’s Treasure by Gail Koger

Blackheart’s TreasureBlood Moon Series Book 1by Gail KogerGenre: Paranormal Romance Aiden Blackheart is the most powerful werewolf ever born. He’s a bit surprised when he discovers his mate is an ordinary meter maid with some baggage. Okay, a lot of baggage, which includes a million-dollar bounty on her head, and she’s not quite human. What…

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QandA with E. Reed Author of Dawn Crusade

Author QandA What inspired you to write this book? I first came up with the premise for Dawn Crusade when I was eleven years old. At the time, everything I loved in literature, film, and video games informed the world of Dawn. Ten years had passed by the time of the novel’s completion, and much…

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Guest Post: BLUE MANHATTAN by Kyra Jacobs

Do Shay and Jamie have what it takes to thwart his plans without losing themselves—or each other—along the way? — BLUE MANHATTAN by @KyraJacobsBooks Hi all! Kyra Jacobs here, sharing a bit about my latest release, BLUE MANHATTAN. It’s a totally fun and crazy paranormal romance, with all sorts of mythical creatures involved. If you…

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Guest Post: Watching My Husband Read My Book by Elizabeth Pantley

Watching My Husband Read My Book For the past twenty years I’ve written parenting books as we raised our four children. My husband rarely read my books because he lived them. I’d pop in when the youngest was dawdling when getting ready for bed and suggest that Daddy offer him a choice, “What do you…

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QandA with Author Kimberly Wylie

Author Q&A What inspired you to write this book?  I have had insomnia since I was a little kid. One of the tricks I use to fall asleep is to tell myself a story. Each night would be a continuation of the story from the night before, as if the day was simply a very…

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Spotlight: Pirate’s Promise by Lisa Kessler

Pirate’s PromiseSentinels of Savannah Book 5by Lisa KesslerGenre: Paranormal Romance Greyson Till never found a weapon he didn’t like. As the immortal Master Gunner of a pirate ship, he’s grown his collection for over two hundred years. So when a legendary cursed blade that can cut through any material goes missing from the government’s paranormal…

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QandA with Lisa Wood Author of Silver Under the Moonlight

Author Q&A Can you, for those who don’t know you already, tell something about yourself and how you became an author? I’ve always been a writer in some form or fashion. It kind of got pushed to the wayside for many years, between raising my children as a single mom and the crazy hours I…

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