#Giveaway – The Red Fence by Ed Damiano

The Red Fence is a Seusseque look at the consequences of conformity.

The town of Vanderloo is boring. Everyone dresses the same, thinks the same, play the same games, and behaves properly. That is until the Bean Family arrives in town. They play their own music, keep their hours, and prefer that their fence be red instead of the ubiquitous white everyone else shares. What follows is a mostly humorous attempt on the part of the townspeople to change things back to the way they were. Until, of course, they become convinced one by one that change is good.

While I do feel that the premise that white is bad; color is good at the base of this story is merely perpetuating issues in another wrong direction, I do love how the color of the fences can’t be repainted because they represent the mindset of the families that own them…

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