Review: Balloons for Tiger by Lori Orlinsky

Balloons for Tiger
byLori Orlinsky (Author)Vanessa Alexandre (Illustrator)
Children’s Picture Book
ages 3-7
38 Pages

#BalloonsforTiger by #LoriOrlinsky takes an imaginative look at the tough topic of pet loss as colorful balloons travel from the hands of children to their beloved cat who has passed on. How can children begin to heal after losing a pet?

Even for adults, losing a beloved pet can be traumatic. For children, especially those who have never been without the pet, it can be particularly difficult. Coping with feelings of loss is not something most kids are fully equipt to do. Without a lot of outside resources, author Lori Orlinsky did what most parents wish they could do, she wrote a book to help her children process the loss of their cat Tiger.

The book opens with a family releasing anthropomorphic balloons to the sky laden with messages of love. It…

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