Review and Book Tour: 10 Little Frogs  by  Jason Travis

10 Little Frogs
byJason Travis(Author) Shawn Michael Travis(Illustrator)
Children’s Picture Book
ages 0-7
26 Pages

#TenLittleFrogs is a rhyming, counting picture book that leaps off the page with each ribbit-ribbit-ribbit – @JasonCTravis #PictureBook #KidsLit #KidsBook #KidsBooks

Frogs on a log (or any just about any kid-friendly animal for that matter) is about the most popular trope for a counting book there is. Kudos to Jason Travis for putting an innovative and modern spin on it with his debut children’s book entitled 10 Little Frogs. The little frogs wish on a star and become changed by their wish. One by one they go off to explore their transformation.

Kids love to play make believe and they will enjoy seeing what each of the little green jumpers gets up to, whether it is baking a cake (decorative flies included), smelling a flower, or singing a song. The…

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