Guest Post: Love The Grind by David Minutillo

A paranormal thrill-ride of beauty, chaos and despair which will keep you guessing until the bitter end — #Dahlia The Velvet Witch and Her Dark Spirit by #DavidMinutillo

Love The Grind 

Sure, every journey starts with a step. And yes, that first step is undoubtedly the most important. But the rest of them are where the real work gets done and it’s how you get to the finish line. 

I wasn’t always a grinder. For a long time, I was an A.D.D. poster child. I would pinball around, starting a million things, finish none and repeat. It was an unsuccessful existence to say the least. 

I learnt the grind when I moved to drilling. The long days coupled with a laser-focused goal (drill as many holes as you can as quickly as you can) taught me how to knuckle down and work.  

Now, every day, come hail or shine, I pull myself out of bed at 6 am, brew coffee (decaf because over caffeination is as useful as under caffeination) and get writing. I write 1.5 hours on, 0.5 hours off, until 6 pm. I write one story at a time and I don’t stop until I’m done. I do this Monday to Saturday, every week of the year. 

This method has seen me write two novels and a novella, launch a website, write blogs, make adverts, learn Canva and Adobe Premiere and on the list grows. Being self-published, if I don’t show up, that’s the whole business down for the day and we can’t be having that. 

Don’t get me wrong, somedays I churn out junk and hate every minute of it. Others, I hit the right flow and life is good. But irrespective of the amount of artistic success I’ve had on any given day, what I’m always the proudest of is that I CHOSE to get up and get after it. 

It’s the grind that sets a good creator apart. Anyone can do anything that’s easy, but few can do what’s hard and even less will see the finish. The magic sauce, if you want to create, is your commitment to the grind. Love it and own it. 

The Velvet Witch and Her Dark Spirit
by David Minutillo
Genre: Urban Fantasy, Romantic Thriller

Making a pact with the underworld isn’t a problem …
… but change the deal and hell breaks loose.

Dahlia’s world was turned upside down as a child and her innocence taken. But she chose to fight back with her own blend of magical mayhem. Levi has been let down by every person he’s ever loved. He’s betrayed, lost and about to end it all.

London, 2019. Our star-crossed lovers meet at a tattoo festival on the Thames. Big Ben might look the same, but magic is spilling onto the streets as Dahlia’s dark spirit begs for blood. Can she keep her raging orbit in check long enough to survive? Are they doomed? Or can Levi save them both?

You’ll love this paranormal thrill-ride of beauty, chaos and despair which will keep you guessing until the bitter end.

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A small travel journal on a family holiday to Italy in 2005 would become the catalyst for my first book. After bad weather forced us inside, I found myself scribing a story about a fictional character named, Lucca from Portofino. Balcony Nights – Tales of a Moonlit Guitarist was born, and for the next year, my keyboard took a beating as my imagination leapt into print.
But my downfall was self-belief. And eventually, niggling inadequacy won the battle, and I shelved the project. Over the next decade, I would get random hot flushes of enthusiasm and open the manuscript from time to time. Though inevitably, after a day’s tinkering, I would see a complete rewrite was in order and quietly back away from the near finished draft.
Ironically, another holiday would change all that, when I read The War of Art by Steven Pressfield (the Holy Bible for anyone suffering with procrastination). It was time to kick my own ass into submission and get a book finished. The idea for Dahlia came into my head a few days later, and once again, I spent morning and night, before and after long days of work, bashing away at the keys. One day I looked up and there it was. A 120,000 word, completed manuscript.
Not long after, came the redundancy call from Egan. And just like that, I was a full-time writer. It’s now been a year and change since that day, and I couldn’t be prouder of sticking to my guns and working my ass off to make this dream come true. In that time, I’ve started and finished a novella called Travel Infinity, completed a second, 100K manuscript called Scarecrow and have just published my first novel called Dahlia – The Velvet Witch and Her Dark Spirit on all major sites.

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