Guest Post: A Wonderful World of Words by B.R. Stateham

Jake Reynolds is an art thief. A very talented art thief. He steals rare paintings, replacing them with forgeries so exact no one can tell the difference. But he is also unlucky… — Death of a Cuckold Knight (Jake Reynolds Book 2) by @brstateham

In creating both Jake Reynolds’ novels, Death of a Young Lieutenant and Death of a Cuckold Knight, I’ve asked the reader to take on the idea that someone like the main character of the novel, the art-forger/detective Jake Reynolds, could exist. While this talented rogue is indeed a fictional creation, the idea that someone as fantastic, and as talented, lived such an incredible adventurous life might smack someone’s ‘believability-button’ as being too far-fetched to accept. I beg to differ. From experience, I’ve known people who have, in their youth, lived incredible lives. But as old people long retired, their quiet and sedate lives would belie any such possibility. And finally, allow me to suggest two names which warrant the reader to do some research on. Two men who lived incredible lives of high adventure and dark intrigue. One from the 19th Century; Sir Richard Burton (not the British actor). The other lived a life which, frankly, rivals the derring-do of any James Bond novel. A German SS officer by the name of Otto Skorzeny. Skorzeny’s life puts to shame any fictional character Ian Fleming could have ever envisioned. A Jake Reynolds could exist. And do exist even as we speak. Who can say otherwise?

Death of a Cuckold Knight
Jake Reynolds Book 2
by B.R. Stateham
Genre: Historical Fiction, Mystery

It is 1915 and World War One is raging across Europe. A continent-wide killing field consumes the flower of manhood for most of the nations fighting in the trenches. Or in the air. Or on the high seas. In this quagmire of death, one would think the act of murder would be the last horror anyone would consider. Or committing the act of stealing an incredibly rare, and priceless, painting. But for Royal Flying Corps Captain Jake Reynolds, the act of thievery is a given. Jake Reynolds is an art thief. A very talented art thief. He steals rare paintings, replacing them with forgeries so exact no one can tell the difference. But he is also unlucky. Unlucky in that, occasionally, he stumbles into a homicide case he had no intention of getting involved in. Like the one which involves him now. He finds the owner of the unknown Rembrandt cruelly murdered in his own mansion. The rich man’s house staff have been cruelly dispatched as well. For Jake, when it comes to murder, he cannot let it go. Some weird quirk of his personality refuses to allow anyone to get away with such a heinous crime. But the problem for him is this; how can he find the vicious killers and bring them to justice without revealing his own felonious act? Jake will find a way.
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Death of a Young Lieutenant
Jake Reynolds Book 1

Meet Captain Jake Reynolds – pilot, adventurer, art thief, spy. In the opening weeks of World War One, and as a member of the newly formed British Royal Flying Corps, Captain Jake Reynolds is shipped off to Belgium. Roped in by his squadron commander to prove the innocence of a young lieutenant accused of murder, Jake also wants to steal a 14th Century Jan van Eck painting. The problem is both the evidence and the painting are behind enemy lines. How do you prove a man’s innocence and steal a masterpiece while an entire German army is breathing down your neck?
Praise for Death of a Young Lieutenant“Once in a while you come across a novel that is different and unique. A novel that just doesn’t quite fit into the same square and round peg holes, doesn’t follow the formulas that the big guys set out for everybody, and is so well done structurally you need to take pause and enjoy it for the gem it is.”Praise for BR Stateham“Stateham’s fiction is solid, realistic, and totally without pretention or author’s ego. He pays attention to detail at all times without making the book hard going. A thoroughly enjoyable read that left me hungry for more.”
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B.R. Stateham is a fourteen-year-old boy trapped in a seventy-one-year-old body. But his enthusiasm and boyish delight in anything mysterious and/or unknown continue.Writing novels, especially detectives, is just the avenue of escape which keeps the author’s mind sharp and inquisitive. He’s published a ton of short stories in online magazines like Crooked, Darkest Before the Dawn, Abandoned Towers, Pulp Metal Magazine, Suspense Magazine, Spinetingler Magazine, Near to The Knuckle, A Twist of Noir, Angie’s Diary, Power Burn Flash, and Eastern Standard Crime. He writes both detective/mysteries, as well as science-fiction and fantasy.

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