Bookmarks Spotlight: Thoughts in Traffic by Aramide Salako

Originality is distinctiveness, and distinctiveness is the stuff legends are forever remembered for — Thoughts in Traffic by Aramide Salako


Consider this for a moment:

Have you at any point in time thought about writing a book documenting all your most private and profound thoughts as one indivisible unit? I bet you have, if subconsciously. 

Well, that’s exactly what you have here. Only that this was not planned to be a book, just some random Whatsapp Status. One thought-note on a typical evening led to another, and another, then another, until, voila, 243 of the most heartfelt notes bound the book together!

Thoughts in Traffic is a book of thoughts, expanded from quotes to philosophical notes, essays, Shakespearean poems, noetic, and intellectual discourses. 

You also get to read the Author’s: Letter to the WorldbeaterLetter to the Nigerian CitizenryLetterto Top CEOs on LinkedInLetter to Elon Musk, and even a LETTER TO GOD!

Two things are certain for the reader once done reading: 

1.You will love or loathe the Author  
2.You will wonder who on earth is Aramide Salako.

Ultimately, the goal of the TiT is to convey, using the medium of language, honest thoughts and feelings to the reader in a felt manner. 

While I am confident the minds will connect, and the exchange of thoughts and feelings will draw all inward,  I, the writer, do hope that you find the reading experience worthwhile – to the last syllable.  

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Commitment is a reliable route to success. With a level of persistence, anyone can reach his aim. But the most powerful way to immortality is originality – sell a piece of yourself. All world- beaters gain an influence on the world by fashioning a novel idea or re- inventing the wheel. Hard work can only get you so far in life (think of a 9- 5) but try doing something that no- one has ever done before, or raise the bar of a previous standard. There is distinction within the cadre of industry no doubt, but writers, artists, musicians are often more renowned than the most dedicated salesmen. Everyone loves to see something new, unique; different. Originality is that medium by which difference sells. There’s an almost otherworldly thrill reading, say, A Christmas Carol, or Oliver Twist, or A Tale of Two Cities, or David Copperfield. There’s no competition in the reading of a Charles Dickens’; the author’s indelible signature emerges Dickensian. Originality is distinctiveness, and distinctiveness is the stuff legends are forever remembered for.

I do not often review philosophy, especially a behemoth like this book, but I have to say I actually enjoyed the concept of this book. It is a series of essays on life, faith, intellect and all things in between. It began as a series of observations from a social media app. I don’t always agree with the author, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the author’s discourse of his points. I believe taken on a day by day basis (243 of them),  the book is easily digestible and a wonderful jumping point for those like myself that enjoy the occasional “what if, what about?” type of intellectual discussion.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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