#FridayFlashback: Murder on Wheels by Lynne Cahoon

February 4, 2016

…I truly enjoyed reading about Jill, her book shop and her hobbies. I would love the chance to read as much as she does for fun. All of the characters in this town are like old friends and even though I haven’t read previous installments in the series I didn’t feel as if I were missing out on anything. This is a terrific afternoon read I can recommend to all mystery lovers.

A gourmet food truck runs smack into a killer’s appetite for murder in this small-town California cozy mystery by the New York Times bestselling author.
The food truck craze has reached the charming coastal town of South Cove, California. But bookshop café owner Jill Gardner has her reservations about Kacey Austin and her gluten free dessert truck. The South Cove newcomer appears to have stolen her recipes—not to mention her man—from Jill’s best friend Sadie. And yet, even Jill has to admire Kacey’s positive attitude. Nothing’s going to stop the spirited young woman from speeding toward her dreams…until murder stops her in her tracks.
When Kacey turns up dead on the beach, suspicion immediately falls on Sadie. Could she really have been bitter enough to kill her achingly sweet rival? It’s up to Jill to clear her friend’s name and put the brakes on the real killer.

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