Spotlight: The Cyan Huntress by Krystal Pena

An’ it harm none, do what ye will. 

It was the first thing she’d learned, and something he’d never compromised. He had always been a man of law, order and discipline.

Travelling from city to city reuniting the living with their dead was not a crime. 

Traheme. By only thinking his name she was thrown into the depths of grief once more. A gust of wind brushed her face; instead of a chill, scorching heat penetrated her pores like small needles. The odor of burnt flesh mixed with the fragrance of smoking aspen logs overwhelmed her senses. Some years had passed since he was burned at the stake, yet she could not forget his harrowing shrieks of pain or how she was forced to watch helplessly as the man she loved succumbed to the flames.

I will avenge my husband’s death, even if I must kill every knight in Caerleon to learn who betrayed him. – The Cyan Huntress by @kpenabooks #Epic Fantasy Romance

The Cyan Huntress
Prophecy of Caerleon Book 1
by Krystal Pena
Genre: Epic Fantasy Romance
She will avenge her husband’s death, even if she must kill every knight in Caerleon to learn who betrayed him.
Anwyn thought she would finally enjoy comfort and happiness when she married a traveling psychic–that is, until Uthyr Pendragon unleashed a war on all magic-users and had her new husband burned alive.
She’s determined to wreak her revenge, until a Druid boy’s prophecy convinces her to put aside her personal vendetta and learn to hunt the ones who want her dead–harder to do when she’s captured and taken to Caerleon to be tried as a sorceress.
Now, if she can escape with the help of Caradoc, a man whose secrets rival Anwyn’s, she will have to fulfill her vow of revenge while on the run and attempting to find the one leader who can unite three broken kingdoms under a single banner.
Assuming, of course, she can protect herself from burning at the stake, safeguard her heart from the enigmatic Caradoc, and complete her training as the Cyan Huntress.
Fans of Jeffe Kennedy, Grace Draven, and Laura Thalassa will love the blend of Arthurian legend and exciting action in this romantic paranormal fantasy adventure!
**Pre-order for only .99 cents!!**
USA Today Bestselling author Krystal Pena resides with her four children near Boston, MA. She writes PNR/UF and fantasy, and enjoys writing stories about strong women who overcome the greatest obstacles to achieve their dreams or goals. Many of her characters reflect her and the adversities she has overcome, which she wants to relay in her writing to empower the young women of generations to come. Many of her stories have roots in ancient ideals and folklore, and she loves hiding alternate meanings or symbolism in her writing.
Aside from writing, Krystal enjoys photography, archery, horseback riding and MMA. She loves history and art, and frequents historical sites and art galleries in her spare time. Above all else, she loves being at home, baking and cooking with her children, visiting her family and reading bedtime stories.
She works as a personal assistant to other authors by day and writes late into the night, a strong cup of coffee always within reach.
Krystal is also one-half of the pen name KM McKenna, which she shares with NYT bestselling author Margo Bond Collins in writing YA/NA fantasy. She enjoys working alongside Margo as both co-author and PA.
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