#FridayFlashback: Off The Beadin’ Path by Janice Peacock

March 23, 2017

…If you are looking for an hour or two of whodunit sizzle, Off The Beadin’ Path might be the book for you. Lifetime besties, Jax and Tessa are wonderful counterparts for each other. They know one another so well, the reader feels like a part of the relationship. This story will resonate with crafters. On one hand they will wish the classes they take could only offer so much excitement, while on the other hand they will be totally grateful that all they get out of a class is a new crafting skill. This book is full of colorful well written characters. It is easy to see why this series is so popular with readers…

Jax races against the clock to find the murderer before another student gets blown away. Off the Beadin’ Path (Glass Bead Mystery Series) by @JanPeac

Jax O’Connell and her friend Tessa have no idea what challenges await them when they head to the small town of Carthage to take a glass blowing class with Marco De Luca, a famous Italian glass artist. While Jax loves melting glass to make beads, she discovers that standing in front of the glass furnace’s inferno frightens her.

After the first night of class, Tessa sees a dead body through the water-streaked window of the studio. The next morning there’s no sign of Marco—dead or alive—and one of the studio owners is also missing. The local sheriff doesn’t take the disappearance seriously, so Jax and Tessa take matters into their own hands

Jax must face her fears to find the body, track down the clues, and uncover the killer—and do it all before another life is shattered


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