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A former rich girl with a secret, a sexy bounty hunter who makes her want to forget about giving up men…- A Protector For Phoebe by @DEHaggerty

About The Book

About The Book:

Will Ryker the sexy bounty hunter convince Phoebe to throw her vow to give up men out the window?

She’s got a secret.

My entire life is a secret. No, scratch that. I have a secret. My life isn’t a secret. I have a new life with new friends. I even have a job for the first time ever. As a PI no less. And I don’t suck at it. Take that old life.

So does he.

When I run into Ryker – literally – my new life is looking better yet. Ryker makes my body feel things I’ve never felt before. Things I like a lot. Except, I’m not the only one with a secret. No, Ryker has a whopper of a secret.

And Ryker’s secret might cause my new life to come crashing to the ground.

I have no idea what will happen, but like my boss always says Love will OUT.

This romantic comedy features a former rich girl with a big fat secret, a sexy bounty hunter who makes her want to forget about her vow to give up men, two girlfriends who don’t understand the meaning of ‘mind your own business’, and a makeshift family of former Army buddies who think telling dirty jokes is a sign of love.

Each book in the Love will OUT series can be read as a standalone. 

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Suzie rubs her hands together. “We should drink champagne to celebrate. I’ll get some.” She rushes off forgetting she’s on an elevated stage. Instead of taking the steps down, she walks right off the edge and ends up face down on the floor.

Hailey sighs and starts to move to her friend. I stop her with a wave of my hand.“I got her.”

By the time I’ve walked down the stairs, Suzie is already back on her feet.“What happened?” she asks as she looks around in a daze.

“You decided you can fly. Big surprise. You can’t.”

Her mouth drops open. “Were you snarky with me?” She sniffs and places a hand over her heart. “Our girl is growing up too fast. Before you know it, she’ll be off chasing boys and drinking at frat parties.”

Joke’s on her. I will not be chasing boys ever again. Nope. The male gender is nothing but trouble. As for frat parties? Been there. Done that. Except for the drinking. Nope. Drinking is for ‘men and boys, not ladies’.

Lord forbid if I were to act unladylike.

My Thoughts

How are friends like condoms?

Not the typical opening to a review on a romance, I know. Still, if you want to know the answer, you are going to have to read the book.

We knew from ‘A Hero for Hailey‘ that Phoebe has secrets. It turns out that she is hiding from an emotionally abusive husband and her enabling family. Luck was with her the day she answered the ad to work for You Cheat, We Eat. She has discovered friends, skills, and an inner strength she didn’t know she had, but she still has a ways to go.

The found family is a theme that Haggerty writes extremely well. It provides a firm backdrop that allows her wonderful characters to take center stage and grow with the story while still leaving room to weave in plenty of other story sub arcs. None of her characters needs a family more than Phoebe does and their unconditional support is all the more important because the new man in her life, the one she is just beginning to trust, has some secrets of his own.

I very much appreciated the darker turn this story took. I love great comedy, but this one had just a bit of meat to it. Emotional abuse is often dismissed, it was nice to see it handled well in this story. I also appreciated getting to know the badass uncles a bit better. I love that they are full-on alpha, crude, and heavy-handed, yet are never “actually” over-reaching or insensitive. (more well-written characters I want to adopt). I do have to say that I didn’t warm to Ryker the way I have to other of this author’s leading men. On the flip side of that is that he is not cookie cutter perfect.

For those who find it important, there is mild profanity use and a some steam. This story works well as a stand alone. It picks up right where the last story leaves off, but, enough info is given for the reader to just right in. I will say though, that reading book one will be helpful to get a stronger read of Phoebe’ s character growth. Of course I just plain recommend reading book one. I am very much enjoying these feisty PIs. I’m looking forward to Suzie’s story, ‘A Soldier For Suzie

About The Author

About The Author:

D.E. Haggerty is actually just plain old Dena, but she thinks using initials makes her sound sophisticated and maybe even grown up. She was born and raised in the U.S. but considers herself a Dutchie and not only because it sounds way cooler. After a stint in the U.S. Army, she escaped the US to join her husband in Holland. She fled Holland over ten years ago when she couldn’t stand the idea of being a lawyer for one single second more. Turns out Bed & Breakfast owner in Germany didn’t do it for her either. When the hubby got a job in Istanbul, she jumped ship and decided to give this whole writer thing a go. She’s now back in Holland, which she considers home. Sorry, Mom.

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Other Books in The Series

This romantic comedy features a kickass PI with a chip the size of a Green Bay Packer on her shoulder, a sexy detective she wants to hate but really wants to tie to a bed and see what happens, a best friend who defines the word klutzy, and a makeshift family of former Army buddies who think telling dirty jokes is a sign of love.

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This friends to lovers military romantic comedy features a heroine who is hiding a boatload of hurt, a hunky soldier she wants to save, a pair of friends who are excited it’s finally their turn to play matchmaker, and a makeshift family of former Army buddies who think telling dirty jokes is a sign of love.

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