Gobbledy: A Novel

Gobbledy: ANovel
byLis Anna-Langston(Author)
Children’s / Chapter Book, Christmas, Loss
ages 8-13
175 Pages

The 2020 holiday season is coming to an end. Like most of this year it wasn’t particularly pleasant, however with a new year dawning, there is a hope that next year will be better. I found Gobbledy to be a very appropriate ending to this year’s blogging cycle. Being completely honest, when I got the email requesting a review for this ARC, I said yes, just because the cover looked like a cutesy holiday story I could do a quick read and write. I had no idea how good or how involved the story would be.

While collecting data for a school science project, Dexter and his best friend Fiona discover a glowing rock amid electric mushroom-like thingies, that have appeared overnight in the area of the forest that Fiona is studying. Dexter picks up…

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