Rosco the Rascal’s Ghost Town Adventure

Rosco the Rascal’s Ghost Town Adventure
by Shana Gorian  (Author), Deidre Gorian  (Illustrator),

Josh Addessi (Illustrator)
Children’s / Chapter Book
ages 7-11
177 Pages

I remember my first trip to an old western ghost town. It was so neat. Every building looked like something out of one of those old western tv series that my mom watched. The cast never broke character for a moment, they really seemed to have stepped out of the old west. I was completely convinced that just had to be a ghost floating around somewhere.

In “Rosco the Rascal’s Ghost Town Adventure,” the McKendrick family are visiting an old ghost town and silver mine. Mandy is sure there really are ghosts and James is only willing to believe what he sees. Rosco is playing it by ear, he is up for a real adventure. Strolling through town, the kids find a mystery, a missing cat named Calico. Later on, they…

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