Have You Seen My Christmas Angel? Plus an Easy Christmas Craft

Have You Seen My Christmas Angel?: A Hannah Book About Holidays After a Loss
byAlison Fernandez McLean(Author),Analiny Mogno(Illustrator)
Children’s / Picture Book
ages 3-6
19 Pages


The loss of a loved one is difficult for anyone to deal with. For a child, it can be even harder. In “Have You Seen My Christmas Angel?”, Hannah has lost her grandmother and her favorite Christmas tradition, the Christmas angel for the tree. Christmas won’t be the same. She asks around to her friends, they haven’t seen the angel, more importantly, they understand her loss

This book made me cry. I could say that it is 2020 rearing its ugly head, but it really is a sweet story about different kinds of loss and the change that comes with it. I am an adult, so I know that Hannah is going to be fine, but the little girl inside me, totally felt…

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