Hush Up and Hibernate

Hush Up and Hibernate
bySandra Markle(Author),Howard McWilliam(Illustrator)
Children’s / Picture Book
ages 3-8
36 Pages

I have a mom confession… My child never sleeps. He never has. Oh, a few hours here and there, but honestly you could say that at 17, he still doesn’t sleep through the night. Of course, as a teen, he is better at keeping himself occupied when he inevitably wakes up than he was at age 4. I have lived the eat, drink, uncomfortable bed, can’t find the Lovey dance on many occasions. Still, this book had me laughing, because EVERY parent knows Mama Bear’s pain.

Of course, this book isn’t really about bedtime. It is about sneaking fun animal and nature facts into little brains. The book is choc full of them. Mama explains the reasons bears and other animals hibernate, and why some don’t. In addition the gorgeous illustrations beautifully capture the turn…

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