Pick a Pup (Reading Stars)

Every Child can be a Reading Star! If you could pick a pup, what pup would you pick? Who would you have to ask to pick a pup? In this book, a girl asks her mom and her dad if she can pick a pup. -Pick a Pup (Reading Stars) by Juliana O’Neill

Pick a Pup (Reading Stars)
byJuliana O’Neill (Author), Jenna Johnston (Illustrator)
Children’s / Sight Words
ages 3-7
26 Pages

What parent’s haven’t employed the age-old ploy of avoidance by sending a child requesting an iffy item to the other parent. “Ask your mom.” “Ask your dad.” This sweet beginning reader uses this tactic wonderfully. The story follows a young girl with one such desire after spying a sign inviting the adoption of a puppy.

Early readers will have no idea they are learning sight words through repetition and short sentences in a cute story with fun colorful, full page art. For reading in a class setting, there is a word list at the end of the book that can be used to track new words or for use in vocabulary lessons. In addition to sight words, this book would be an interesting way to introduce the idea of pet ownership…

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