Guest Post: What Happens When…? by Melissa Bourbon

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Guest Post

What Happens When…?
by Melissa Bourbon

Hello Readers!

If you haven’t heard of the Book Magic Mysteries, today is your lucky day! Murder in Devil’s Cove is the first in this new series. It is the story of Pippin Lane Hawthorne.

The Secret on Rum Runners Lane goes back to the 1980s and begins Cassie Lane’s story (Cassie is Pippin’s mom). It is a novella—A Book Magic Mini Mystery, and it was so fun to write. There will be more Mini Mysteries throughout the Book Magic Mystery series.

Both Pippin and Cassie are bibliomancers—as are all the Lane women. After writing Murder in Devils Cove, I wanted to learn more about Cassie. She was fascinating to me, and I had a lot of unanswered questions:

What happens when you have a divination, but you don’t want it to define you?

What happens when that divination relies on books, which makes you afraid to even pick up one?

What happens when you do pick one up, and it reveals something about the future?

What happens when that reveal about helps you help someone?

What happens when you pick up a book and it tells you something you don’t want to know?

These are some of the things Cassie Lane must face when she leaves Cape Misery at Laurel Point, Oregon, and ends up on the island of Devil’s Cove, North Carolina. Cassie is running from herself. The question is: Will she find herself in the process?

I hope you’ll give this novella a read.

Happy Holidays, and Happy Reading.

When a woman goes missing, and a neighbor turns up dead, Cassie turns to what she’s always avoided to help her find the truth. -The Secret on Rum Runner’s Lane by

About The Book

About The Book:

The Lane women are bibliomancers, but Cassie sees her divination not as a gift, but as a curse–one from which she desperately wants to escape. It turns out, though, that running from her fate isn’t as easy as she thought it would be. When a woman goes missing, and a neighbor turns up dead, Cassie turns to the books she’s always avoided to help her find the truth.

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My Thoughts

Cassie is a bibliomancer, able to divine the future from well-loved books. She doesn’t want to be. This ability has done nothing to protect the women in her family from heartbreak or death. She thinks by moving away from her home (and staying away from books) that she can live life on her own terms, but it is soon obvious that fate has other plans for her.

Much as I loved getting Cassie’s story, this series is too good for only a novella. On the other hand, this was a quick read about characters that you immediately care about in a picturesque setting (two, actually). It is both well written and imaginative. The author has promised more mini-mysteries in the future, I will enjoy that.

So why should you read this book? Because it is the perfect stepping stone to book one in the Book Magic Mystery series and once you begin to read, it will keep you hooked.

Rating: 4.5 out of 5.

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

About The Author

About The Author:

Melissa Bourbon is the national bestselling author of nineteen mystery books, including the brand new collaborative Book Magic mysteries, the Lola Cruz Mysteries, A Magical Dressmaking Mystery series, and the Bread Shop Mysteries, written as Winnie Archer. She is a former middle school English teacher who gave up the classroom in order to live in her imagination full time. Melissa, a California native who has lived in Texas and Colorado, now calls the southeast home. She hikes, practices yoga, cooks, and is slowly but surely discovering all the great restaurants in the Carolinas. Since four of her five amazing kids are living their lives, scattered throughout the country, her dogs, Bean, the pug, Dobby, the chug, and Jasper, a cattle dog/lab keep her company while she writes. Melissa lives in North Carolina with her educator husband, Carlos, and their youngest son. She is beyond fortunate to be living the life of her dreams.

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