Guest Post: My name is Gulliver from Crime in Cornwall by Emma Dakin

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Guest Post

My name is Gulliver
by Emma Dakin

My name is Gulliver. I am still a puppy but my feet seem to be growing quite fast, so my companion person, Claire Barclay, tells me that means I am going to be a big dog. She’s wrong about that. I know I’m a King Charles Cavalier Spaniel and I will never be as big as my cousins Jetty and Muggs who are Labradors. I saw a Great Pyrenes in the park in Basingstoke, Hampshire, and he was a big dog. Claire was just murmuring silly things. She does that some times. Most of the time, she is level-headed and practical. She’s a tour guide, so she has to organize hotels, restaurants, tickets, parking, and all the tiny details that create an exciting trip for the guests. We travel in her van, or, if there are more than six people, in a rented van. Usually, I come with her. Most guests, particularly those older ladies, like dogs. And, of course, I’m a special dog, or at least that’s what Claire tells me. It is a good life: treats come every day; food is there when I’m hungry; I sleep on Claire’s bed.

It’s just that Claire seems to fall into trouble quite often.

“It’s not my fault,” she told me. “I’m just a tour guide.”

She’s a tour guide who observes and listens and who also picked a detective inspector for a boyfriend. I like Mark Evans. He keeps treats in his pocket and he knows just where to scratch behind my ears. He also knows how to take Claire’s information and solve a puzzle with it. He tries to keep her out of danger. I’ve heard him.

“You ask the questions no one should ask a suspect,” he’s told her. “Some people live on a razor’s edge and questions like those can send them right into an attack.”

I wish she wouldn’t get involved in murder as well. Because usually, I’m with her. I know she’d risk herself for me, she really loves me, but I wish she wouldn’t put us into trouble so often. I have to admit though, this time, it was me who put us both in danger.

I quite like Gulliver. He’s one of my favorite characters. He’s right about his assessment of his role in Crime in Cornwall. He did put both he and Claire in danger.

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Claire takes her tour to the Cornwall coast, home of mysteries and smuggling… in Crime in Cornwall by @author_mcrook

About The Book

About The Book:

Patrick and Rita Stonning, Claire’s neighbors in Ashton-on-Tinch, dash down from London on weekends to host loud parties. They work in a publishing house and use their Ashton semi-detached home as a break from big city stress. Patrick arrives at Claire’s door distraught, reporting one of his partygoers, Olive Nott a best-selling author, dead. Claire discovers that not only is he dead, he’s been murdered. Patrick is suspected of the murder and has enough motive to satisfy the police.

Nott wrote mysteries set in Cornwall and had planned to take his lucrative contracts to a competing company. His latest book dealt with smuggling in the caves of Cornwall. The police, including DI Mark Evans from the newly formed Major investigations Team, wonder if he learned too much from his research.

Claire takes her six tourists, most from America, to the Cornwall coast in search of sites of mystery novels and hears the opinions of the Cornish people on smuggling. She asks Patrick to meet her in Penzance to give a guest lecture on the smuggling in Oliver Nott’s novels. Claire finds Patrick self-aggrandizing and arrogant but doesn’t agree he would murder and sets out to find the one responsible.

From Amazon:
Claire Barclay is enthusiastic about her British Mystery Book Tour business. She enjoys taking her guests, usually from America, to the settings of mystery novels where bodies are long dead. Her neighbor’s plea for help to deal with a recently murdered well-known author unsettles her. She leaves the body to the police and takes her guests to Cornwall, including a British tourist who far is too interested in the dead author.

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About The Author

About The Author:

Emma Dakin lives in Gibsons on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. She has over twenty-five trade published books of mystery and adventure for teens and middle-grade children and non-fiction for teens and adults. Her love of the British countryside and villages and her addiction to cozy mysteries now keep her writing about characters who live and work in those villages. She introduces readers to the problems that disturb that idyllic setting.

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