Review: The Christmas Promise by Elyse Douglas

During a perfect Christmas, a promise is made between two lovers, to find, help, and love each other no matter where, or when they are. While such a wild promise would be largely rhetorical in most relationships, when the couple has already had adventures in time travel, in fact, each is from a different century, a promise like that in a story like this promises to be an adventure unto itself..

When Patrick and Eve are separated by unthinkable circumstances, Patrick finds himself time traveling once again, using Nicola Tesla’s time lantern. Having wished only to return a small way to prevent a horrible accident, he is instead thrown back to 1925. He doesn’t find his Eve, but rather a woman who is so like her in almost every way that matters they could be twins. He becomes torn between the love of the woman he is trying to save in the 21st century and the love of the woman that desperately needs him in 1925.

The contrast between covid New York and prohibition New York was just lovely. It was interesting to read about a man who had grown up in a non technological world, having gotten used to modern amenities, like cell phones with Google, who then finds himself once again having to survive on his own wits. Of course, Patrick is resourceful and makes the transition admirably, using his former cop skills to help damsels in distress. Since I hadn’t read any of the previous books in the series, I had to rely upon Patrick and other characters to verify just how alike Eve and Evelyn are. Joan, in that role, easily became my favorite person. I could read the rest of the books just to learn more about her.

As mentioned, this is my first book in this series and I was a bit lost in the first pages of the story, but I have to admit that by time the story was over I felt as if I had been along with Patrick, Eve and their friends for the whole adventure.

Historical fiction is fun for me, especially when I can immerse myself into the time period. The Christmas Promise captured the flavors of New York in the Roaring Twenties. The vivid characters, the changing mores, the early struggle to reconcile changing gender roles in the aftermath of world war, and Suffrage. Something so simple as an explanation of how to drive a Model T adds so much to the ambiance. This was a pleasant read

I received an advance review copy for free, and I am leaving this review voluntarily.

Patrick sat slumped on the couch, alone in the dark, a glass of Irish whiskey in one hand, the half-drunk bottle on the floor beside him.  He didn’t know what time it was, and he didn’t care.  

His cell phone, on the couch beside him, had buzzed repeatedly, but he hadn’t glanced at it or reached for it.  Patrick hated it.  At that moment, he hated all things modern:  the cars, the noise, the bright lights, the relentless news cycle spewing out bad news 24/7, and the airplanes.  He especially hated airplanes.

While he sat there drinking, feeling the sharp booze slide down his throat and warm his chest, he felt a brewing rage, a dark rebellion against all things twenty-first century.  In his near-drunken state, he reached back to his time—to the nineteenth century.  He was a nineteenth-century man, after all, and he’d never felt comfortable or synced to this time.  

Often he’d had to work hard to adjust, seek balance and soldier on.  Of course, loving Eve and Colleen had erased much of the strain and confusion; living with them had washed away most of the longing to return to his own time.  But now that he had been emotionally stabbed and beaten by fate—punished by fate—he felt the pull to return, to vanish, to escape.  He felt more himself; more a man who lived and breathed 1885 air.  

So to hell with the miracle pills and the feel-good therapy and the New Age crap that spoke of healing and forgiveness.  None of it was as good as a good old bottle of Irish whiskey, and it had been too long since he’d been drunk.  Good and drunk, like a man ought to be when his guts have been kicked out.

He lifted the glass and took down the whiskey in one gulp, wincing, grinning, angry and cursing.  On an impulse, he shot up and flung the glass into the dark fireplace.  It exploded into shards.

Patrick stood there, shaking, empty and lost.  He hardly recalled getting back home from Rockefeller Plaza.  His agony was all consuming; battering him, bullying him.  His thoughts had stalled and everything he saw or thought was a blur; out of focus and confused.

Standing in the living room, dulled and buzzed by the whiskey, Patrick knew he had to act or he would go out of his mind.  He was already mostly out of his mind, and he had been ever since he’d heard Denise’s voicemail.  Something inside had snapped and broken, and he knew he’d never be the same.  

Patrick heard Eve’s words in his head and he wanted to scream.  “Things happen and then we get to deal with them, Patrick.  That’s just the way life is.”

He dropped heavily onto the couch and put his head in his hands.  A wave of despair engulfed him, and he teetered over and passed out.


The Christmas Eve Promise is a journey about the enduring promise of hope and the infinite, unbreakable bonds of love

Christmas Eve Promise: Time Travel Novel by Elyse Douglas

The Christmas Eve Promise: Time Travel Novel (Christmas Eve Series, Book 4) by Elyse Douglas

Publisher:  Broadback (September, 2020)

Category: Time Travel, Historical Fiction, Romance, Christmas

Tour dates: September-November, 2020

ISBN: Available in Print and ebook,  405 pages The Christmas Eve Promise

Description of Christmas Eve Promise: Time Travel Novel by Elyse Douglas

Eve and baby Colleen are traveling to Ohio for the Christmas holidays to spend time with Eve’s parents. After a few days in Ohio, they all plan to fly to Florida in Eve’s father’s private airplane.  Patrick will meet them there after he completes exams for his forensic psychology degree. Nothing goes as planned.  The day Patrick is to leave for Florida, he receives a shocking telephone call from one of Eve’s cousins.  Sobbing, she tells him a terrible tragedy has occurred.  It stuns him and shakes him to his heart’s core. His life shattered, Patrick knows he has but one chance:  he must use the time travel lantern to return to the past in order to prevent the current tragedy. But once again, the time travel lantern has a mind of its own, and Patrick is hurled back to a time where he must confront a strange, unfamiliar world and learn why the lantern transported him there. When Patrick comes face-to-face with a mysterious, beautiful woman who looks and acts like Eve, and whose name is Eve, Patrick is haunted. He recalls the promise he and Eve had made to each other on Christmas Eve the previous year—no matter what happens; no matter if they’re separated; no matter what time or place they find themselves in; no matter what obstacles they must face, they will always find each other, help each other, and love each other for all time. The Christmas Eve Promise is a journey about the enduring promise of hope and the infinite, unbreakable bonds of love.

Praise For The Christmas Eve Series by Elyse Douglas

“The Christmas Eve Letter is a beautiful, poignant story. It is well written and will have you turning the pages eagerly. All of the characters are well thought out, and believably written, together with the well-constructed scenery, that has you feeling as if you yourself have just stepped into the past. The story is unique and moving. It will hold you long after you turn the last page. A perfect Christmas tale of love and hope.”-Whispering Stories

“This book is the perfect vehicle for a movie, and I can only hope that there will be more in the series. This novel is truly as close to perfection as the reader could imagine! 5 Stars!”–My Devotional Thoughts Blog and Reviews

“I enjoyed the new characters, an update on characters from the first book, and the possibility for more books.  If you enjoy time travel-themed novels you will love these books!”–StoreyBook Reviews

“I am most impressed that this book did so well as a stand-alone novel. Kudos to the author! If you are looking for a good Christmas book with time travel, give this a go!”–Carole’s Bookshelves

“I love this whole story, and I especially love Patrick and Eve’s romance and all of the adventures that they go on together. Eve is exactly my kind of character.  I still can’t stop thinking about the feeling that it gave me and the arc that the characters went on. Everyone really developed a lot in this story and it was so rewarding as a long-time reader to watch that happen. It feels like every new book in this series just keeps getting better and better and I love these characters more and more. Every time a new one comes out I feel like a kid on Christmas morning. The Christmas Eve Secret is my favorite in the series so far, but if you have not read the first two books I would recommend doing that as soon as possible! If you enjoy romance, time travel, mystery and great writing, I promise that you won’t regret dipping a toe into this series.”–Cuzinlogic

About Elyse DouglasChristmas Eve Promise: Time Travel Novel by Elyse Douglas

Elyse Douglas is the pen name for the married writing team Elyse Parmentier and Douglas Pennington. Elyse grew up near the sea, roaming the beaches, reading and writing stories and poetry, receiving a master’s degree in English Literature.  She has enjoyed careers as an English teacher, an actress and a speech-language pathologist. Douglas has worked as a graphic designer, a corporate manager and an equities trader.  He attended the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music and played the piano professionally for many years. Website: Twitter: Facebook:

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