Guest Post: Yikes! There’s cat hair on the keyboard! by J.C. Eaton

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Guest Post

Yikes! There’s cat hair on the keyboard!
By Ann I. Goldfarb and James E. Clapp, (writing as J.C. Eaton)

Don’t get us wrong. We adore our pets. So much in fact that our combined grocery and health care bills pale when compared to theirs. But we’re getting close to drawing the line when it comes to their interference with our writing process. Heck! We have enough trouble as co-authors interfering with each other’s writing processes, but that’s an entirely different matter. We’ll stick to the pets for now.  

Let’s begin with the cats – all four of them. Yes, four. Did we mention we’re foster failures? Our tuxedo cat thinks that the D-Link to the WIFI was designed just to keep him warm. If we’re not careful, we’ll find him sleeping on that little box which will most likely cut off the air it needs in order to run, resulting in loss of internet service.

Our little orange kitty has decided that un-plugging the wires to the computer by sinking her teeth into them is a new form of entertainment. Worse yet, she taught her sister how to do that.

Then, the giant tortoise cat. If any of you have read Libby Klein’s Class Reunions Are Murder, she’s the “Big Shirley” of cats and she hates anything we have on the desk. If we’re not careful, she’ll jump on it and toss everything onto the floor, including our notes and printouts.

But the most heinous thing of all was when one of them pooped on The Elements of Style, compelling us to purchase another one due to the “Yuck Factor.”

That brings us to the dog. He can’t really get to the computer, but he knows how to chase the cats down the hallway so that they race into the room, jump on the desk, and inevitably knock the freestanding keyboard to the ground where the dog now has a new chew toy.

Needless to say, we searched Google to find out how to keep the cats away from the computer. Did you know that there are at least 50 articles claiming to solve this conundrum? Sure, if you don’t mind putting sticky tape all over your desk. Just remember not to lean your elbows on anything. Or perhaps you can build the DIY tech protector once you complete your degree in mechanical engineering.  We did come across a motion detector that makes loud puffs of air when the cat goes near the computer but it does the same thing for humans. Terrific! We’ll be jumping out of our skin before we even type the first word.

And the list goes on. The dog, at least, understands the word “NO.” The cats understand that “NO” only applies to the dog. So, faced with the possibility of losing all our writing drafts, we finally solved the problem – Write when the cats are asleep, which is really most of the time, and put a dead-bolt lock on the office door for the remainder of the time.

Thank goodness we don’t own a goat like Ann’s brother!

All of Sun City West heard Phee Kimball’s mom scream bloody murder, but it’s up to the reluctant sleuth to find the killer … Broadcast 4 Murder by J.C. Eaton

About The Book

Phee’s mother Harriet is going to be a star! At least, that’s how the Sun City West retiree describes her chance to host a live radio program of her book club’s Booked 4 Murder Mystery Hour on Arizona’s KSCW. But instead of chatting about charming cozies, Harriet ends up screaming bloody murder over the airwaves after discovering the body of Howard Buell, the station’s programming director, in a closet—with a pair of sewing shears shoved into his chest.

The number one suspect is Howard’s ex-girlfriend Sylvia Strattlemeyer who believed she was going to host a sewing talk show before Harriet was offered the spot. But not only do the fingerprints found on the scissors not match Sylvia’s, they belong to a woman who passed away twenty years ago at the age of ninety-seven. Now, with the whole town on pins and needles, it’s up to Phee to stitch together enough clues from the past to uncover the identity of a killer in the present . . .

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About The Author

J.C. Eaton is the wife and husband team of Ann I. Goldfarb and James E. Clapp, authors of the Sophie Kimball Mystery Series and the Wine Trail Mysteries. A New York native and former middle school principal, Ann has published eight award-winning and highly acclaimed YA time travel mysteries. James is a U.S. Navy veteran and retired tasting room manager for a large upscale New York winery. Visit their Website at –This text refers to the mass_market edition.

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  1. What a great posting! I truly understand. We have three canine furbabies but years ago we had 2 kitties that were NOT helpful while I was attending online college. Harry (a Maine Coon mix) was more dog than cat and, as a result, was forbidden near the computers. He had absolutely no grace. He would try to walk along the edge of a table, counter, or bed and fall off bringing anything not attached with him! Comical but sad. Trixie, on the other hand, was all cat and would delicately hop up on computer desk demanding attention. So school work was done while Trixie was sleeping!

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