Pencil’s Perfect Picture

Pencil’s Perfect Picture
By Jodi McKay
Art By Juliana Motzko

Pencil wants to draw the perfect picture for his dad, but he doesn’t know what perfect is.

Pencil's Perfect Picture

He gets lots of advice from other art supplies about why he should draw, but not much about what makes a drawing perfect. Will he figure it out?

I Love This Book!

So often our young ones want so much to do something, but fear of falling short of perfection stops them. Pencil gets to learn that sometimes it is the act itself that makes Paintperfection.

A book about drawing should have spectacular art and this book delivers. Each illustration captures the advice of the art implements so well and the characters pop off the page. The underlying motive for art is captured in the squeak of chalk, the fun-loving class of crayons, even in the zen of pastels.

Kids will love this…

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