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About The Book:

Master of Illusion: A Celine Skye Psychic Mystery by Nupur Tustin

Master of IllusionWhen death arrives in Paso Robles, so do clues to an infamous art heist in Boston. . .

For seven years, psychic Celine Skye has led a life free of visions in quiet Paso Robles. But now the visions are back. Along with a dubious customer from Boston.

Celine has always been able to sense death. But not even she can foresee her employer Dirck’s murder. Finding his corpse in the wine bar he owns is bad enough.

Grappling with the suspicion that Dirck’s death could be connected with the Gardner Museum heist is even worse.

As Celine struggles to make sense of the psychic clues she receives, there’s just one question in her mind: What exactly did Dirck know about the Gardner Museum heist to get himself killed?

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Celine finds evidence that Dirck’s killers were looking for something—something very specific:

Celine flicked on the light switch.

Dear God!

Almost every painting on the wall was face-down upon the countertop. She moved closer.

Using a bar napkin, she carefully lifted the corners of the one closest to her. It was one of the many paintings the Delft displayed on consignment. A seascape, charming enough, but nothing out of the ordinary.

The next two were similar—one a painting of elephant seals sunning themselves along a line of gray boulders; the second an image of a harvest festival with women in colorful skirts and bandanas stomping grapes in a large oak barrel. Again, nothing special. A five-hundred-dollar painting in acrylic.

Undamaged, fortunately, although Celine couldn’t understand why they’d been taken down and left on the countertop. She stepped around the horseshoe-shaped counter, inspecting each painting as she came to it.

Then her gaze fell on the last one, and she froze, eyes dilated, breath trapped, mid-passage down her throat. She could hardly believe what she was seeing. A jagged slash separated most of the left edge of the canvas from its stretcher. Loose threads spurted out all along the ragged fringe.

Why had they done this? Why ravage a work of art in this brutal manner?

Her hand reached up to stifle the shocked cry that threatened to burst out of her. Calmer now, she propped one edge up, bent her head down low, and peered at the canvas. The purple-blue waters of Morro Bay at sunrise swirling away from a massive outcrop of rock came into view.

Dear God! Celine lowered the painting back down. The damage would have been bad enough had the work been one of Dirck’s or John’s. But this was a painting the Delft had accepted on consignment.

It wasn’t the thought of the compensation that would have to be paid to the artist that bothered Celine. The Delft’s actual liability for any damage sustained was nominal—about ten percent of the sale price. But there was an unspoken understanding that any work the Delft accepted would be treated with the utmost care.

It would not be vandalized. It would not be slashed or ripped. Nothing like this had ever happened before.

What had Dirck’s attackers been looking for? And among the Delft’s art consignment at that?


About The Author:

Nupur Tustin

A former journalist, Nupur Tustin misuses a Ph.D. in Communication and an M.A. in English to paint intrigue. She also orchestrates mayhem in composer Joseph Haydn’s Europe. Visit her at


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