Review: Going Dark by Jolene Grace

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Political intrigue and betrayal on a grand scale. When four reporters are kidnapped from their hotel room in Syria an anonymous source sends UN correspondent, Amelia Sinclair a video of the incident. Over the next few days, she will be shot at, accused of heinous crimes, and sought after by the highest levels, and shadow elements, of the US government. CIA agent Gabriel Jets has been tasked with retrieving the video. Keeping Amelia safe isn’t part of that assignment, yet he suspects that somehow there is more to what is happening than he is being told and he believes that she is the key.

While the big bad is obvious from the start, it is still quite difficult to know who are the good guys and who, if anyone, should be trusted. It starts off a bit slow and wordy, more of a montage of people craving coffee than any real exposition, but the story soon turns into a roller coaster ride of action with plenty of gunplay, chases, and black ops. This story isn’t for the faint of heart with plenty of gratuitous murder and treason as well as touching on human trafficking. 

 As an origin story for a Gabriel Jets series, it offers a lot of potential for the story to come and can only get better from here.

I received a complimentary evaluation copy of this book. All opinions and insights are my own.

About The Book:

Going Dark

CIA agent, Gabriel Jets has one mission: retrieve a video depicting the kidnapping of four U.S. journalists. Instead, he finds Amelia Sinclair, a journalist who is wanted in connection with the kidnappings and a bombing in Syria. Except Jets doesn’t believe she is responsible. He goes dark, abandoning his mission to clear Amelia’s name. Read more about the book


Available in hardcover, trade softcover, and ebook.
Available at Barnes & Noble, Waterstones, Books-A-Million, Chapters/Indigo, Amazon, and other fine retailers. Visit BHC Press for more purchasing options.

Read an Excerpt:
Click here to read an extended excerpt from GOING DARK.

About The Author:

Jolene GraceJolene Grace grew up in Eastern Europe and has witnessed firsthand the region’s geopolitical makeover as well as the economic struggles of poverty faced by all, which is a prevalent theme in her writing. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Journalism and Broadcasting, which fueled her interest in politics. Jolene interned for CBS Evening News, working on the foreign desk at night time and has covered many wars, including the American/Iraq War. A member of Mystery Writers of America and Sisters in Crime, Jolene makes her home in Massachusetts with her husband and children, where she writes full-time. Going Dark is her debut novel in her Gabriel Jets spy series.


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