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Emma Dakin is visiting the blog today with her character guest post on her new release, “Hazards in Hampshire (A British Book Tour Mystery).” After enjoying Mary’s point of view on the newest resident in Ashton-on-Tinch, read my review of the new book. Don’t forget to scroll down to the tour section to click the big red button for your chance to win one of ten Kindle copies of Hazards in Hampshire

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Emma Dakin

GuestMary Greenwood’s p.o.v.

Claire Barclay seems like a positive addition to our village of Ashton-on-Tinch We need new people. Heaven knows we had blundered along with the same set of characters fulfilling their same roles for years. If I didn’t’ teach interesting young people in the local grammar school, I would find it hard to live here. Claire has her own business, a tour guiding business, so she will have the intellectual stimulation of new people with every tour and be content here. She’s probably in her mid-forties, but she has a young mind in that she is curious and interested in people. I think I’m going to like her.

Mind you, she had a rough start in his village. She found Isobel Paulson’s body after someone had murdered her. I can’t think it was Claire who murdered her. Primarily because if she had she wouldn’t have been so stupid as to ‘discover’ the body. Besides, it isn’t likely. She seems stable and businesslike. I can’t see it.

Somebody killed Isobel. I am a likely suspect as I often felt like it. She could be so critical of young people. I can’t stand that. Give them a chance. The least little thing offended her and she’d lash out verbally. I remember when Jack Appleby lost his dog. He wandered around in a daze for weeks, grieving for that charming mutt. Jack had found him dying on the road after a car hit him. Isobel thought his grief was ‘unseemly’ and told Jack to stop being so self-centered. That only added guilt to Jack’s grief. I had him after school every day for a week listening to him processing that devastating loss. He was twelve. She was cruel. Still, I visited her because my mother had, and when Mum died, I felt I should take up that burden I didn’t do it often because she did irritate me.

Isobel didn’t like dogs so I had to leave my old Gracie at home when I went to her house. Gracie liked an outing and it seemed unfair to deprive her of it. But Isobel wouldn’t even let me in if I had Gracie. She had been an opinionated, snobbish, sometimes rude, old tarter.

But as irritating as she had been, I was sorry she’d died. It seemed as if the village would never be the same, especially since someone hated her enough to murder her and the speculation on who had done it drifted over the village like one of those spectres from a gothic novel. The police were discreet but they were a presence, especially that Detective Inspector Owens from the CID. Nothing much would get past him. The town was rumbling with theories and suppositions. Suspicion fell on everyone, even me.

Leo Review sm
Claire Barclay has moved back to Britain permanently after years working part-time in Seattle as a book tour guide. A recent inheritance has made it possible for her to start her own book tour business and her new home in the village of Ashton-on-Tinch is the perfect base for her to work from as it is within driving distance of several mystery books settings and famous authors sites. Her entrance into the small community is marred when she discovers the dead body of the local book club president. She works to solve the mystery as she navigates new friends, new enemies, and the joys of owning a home.

For virtual book tours it is rare to get to review the first book in a new series. I am almost always coming into the series after it is well established. I found this series concept delightful. The idea of conducting tours through the English countryside to places and settings in the books I read is a fun one. I would do it myself in a heartbeat, especially with a tour guide like Claire. She has the little tidbits of knowledge that separate the amateur from a person worth paying attention to. I very much enjoyed being introduced to the community of what I hope will be series regulars. The book club members each have their own charm and what would a cozy be without a handsome policeman on the arm? Ashton-on-Tinch seems like a great place to live and an even better setting for the occasional tragic murder.

While the focus of the book seems to be setting up the series, Claire never loses sight of the mystery surrounding the death that greeted her entry into the village. I love the tie ins with Agatha Christy and Claire’s turn of thought. I have to admit that the person whodunnit was the person I had hoped had, it was satisfying in so many ways particularly as the climax of the story played out. I definitely see myself visiting Claire and Gulliver on many occasions to come.

I received a copy of this book for the purposes of review. All opinions are my own.

About The Book:

Hazards in Hampshire (A British Book Tour Mystery) by Emma Dakin

hazards-in-hampshireMoving to a quiet English village should have been tranquil, but Claire Barclay learns that even an invitation to tea can be deadly. Who killed Mrs. Paulson, the president of the local Mystery Books Club? Was the motive for murder located in the archives of the book club? The members of the books club might have reason to want Mrs. Paulson’s out of the way. She had lived in the village all her life, been involved in many organizations and societies and knew many secrets of the villagers. Was one secret too dangerous for her to keep? She had been wealthy and left her money to a member of the club. Could the legatee have been impatient for her inheritance? Who cared enough to want her dead? Claire, an expert in solving problems in her job as a tour guide, decides to delve into the archives and into the lives of the villagers—and find out.

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About The Author:

Emma DakinThis is Emma Dakin’s first series, set in Britain the homeland of Emma’s grandparents. Emma channels her mother’s inherited English culture along with the attitudes and sayings of the modern Brits. She travels widely in England and at one point this May while travelling through the Yorkshire Moors she had all the tourists in a tour bus looking for a good place to hide a body. As Marion Crook, she has published many novels of adventure and mystery for young adult and middle grade readers as well as non-fiction for adults and young adults and non-fiction on social issues. Firmly in the cozy mystery genre now, and committed to absorbing the culture and changing world of Britain, she plans to enjoy the research and the writing of cozies.

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