November Update – Prescriptions and a Browser – A Mother’s Journey Into The Black

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Hello to another month. 

October was frustrating for me. I never seemed to find the time to work at my apps and surveys and while I did manage to increase my monthly average, it really just seemed like a lot of work for little return. I was thinking maybe this new way of looking at things isn’t as shiny as it once was. Then my husband was diagnosed with a chronic illness. We have known for some time that something was wrong. Finding out that it is something that can be treated is a relief, paying for that treatment when basics fall short is a nightmare. Of course, his first prescription fell just at the moment that his bank account ran dry until the next check and our insurance isn’t much help. I was able to use my PayPal savings to buy his meds and I have to say that makes every bit of effort I put into Project 500 worth it. Paying for groceries in one thing, saving my husband’s health is really a Big Win!

Cocoon ad

In other news, I am a Facebook ad. My Data, the company behind the Cocoon Browser  I love so much, contacted me and asked if they could use my comment on their post for promotional material. Since I am not quiet about the browser myself, I saw no reason to not agree. The next time I clicked into Facebook it was to see that comment blown up into an ad.  I find it a little ironic to see that comment since my subsequent payouts have been nearly triple that, but still, it put a smile on my face. I seriously hope they get a mobile up and running soon!


Screenshot_2019-11-07-17-10-28Last month in New Finds, I talked about a milage app that could possibly pay out.  It is a phone app called Miles and it records trip mileage and offers bonuses for different modes of transportation. The app itself I am happy with. It collects and categorizes trips well and I am earning at a fairly steady clip. The downside is the rewards offered. So far all are coupons or free trials. That will probably work great for some people, but I use the apps to make money not save money on luxuries I would probably never want otherwise. They have promised to add gift cards and PayPal at some point so as long as I have space for it, I will keep accruing miles in hopes of a better payout.

Two new mobile apps I tested last month are Telephia from Harris X and Lucky Miner. The first is an app that tracks cell phone behavior for so many hours per day and pays out $1 a week to PayPal. It hasn’t been intrusive and I am earning regularly, so I think it’s a win.  Lucky Miner is a games app where you get paid to play. They pay out to Paypal and I have managed a payout per week. The downside here is that the longer you play the games, the longer you need to play the games in order to earn. This means that in order for the app to be useful you will need to change up the games fairly often and there aren’t always attractive new games to add. So far it has been a fun app for me to use. The other catch is that it pays out in Euros. That isn’t a problem for Paypal and the exchange rate to dollars means you actually come out a little ahead.

What I am exploring this month are two apps that pay out for tracking steps and other fitness data. So far they are both promising. Who knows maybe earning per step will convince me to get off my buns and get fit.

If you are using an app that you just have to share, leave a comment below. Referrals links are always welcome for apps/sites that actually payout.



Walmart gift cards from a single week in October




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