Guest Interview with Author Marc Jedel and Protagonist Marty Golden

My thanks to Marc Jedel for stopping by and giving
us a chance to get to know Marty a little better.

Enjoy this fun interview and don’t forget to scroll down to click the big red button for your chance to win a signed copy of Marc’s latest book: Serf and Turf: A Silicon Valley Mystery.

I got a chance to ask a few questions of Marty Golden, the protagonist in Serf and Turf, Chutes and Ladder and Uncle and Ants, all part of the Silicon Valley Mystery series.


Marc Jedel: Is there a quote that you live by? You know, maybe you’ve got a print of it on the wall?

Marty Golden: I try to live by words from my dad: “If the appetizers are good, eat them. You never know what’s for dinner.”

Q: In that case, what’s in your refrigerator right now?

A: Actually, I’m not sure. I’ve been pretty swamped at work and then I got busy trying to figure out who killed my girlfriend’s ex. I wasn’t too excited about that but I needed to get back into Meghan’s good graces. Figuring out who killed him was harder than I expected—all those gossipy soccer moms and the costume-clad members of the Renaissance Faire. I’m just glad it’s all over. What were we talking about? Oh yeah, food. Could be anything in there. Who knows what my nieces have managed to slip into my grocery order. They’re pretty sneaky.

Q: What’s on your bedroom floor right now?

A: Carpeting. Is that the kind of answer you’re looking for? Doesn’t everyone have carpeting? I hate those fancy hotel rooms with hardwood floors. It’s way too cold to step on bare floors in the mornings. I guess you could leave slippers near the bed. Of course, then I’d have to answer this question with ‘hardwood floors’ or ‘slippers’. That’s too complicated. I like carpeting.

Q: What do you consider your greatest accomplishment?

A: My mother would say passing eleventh grade English. That’s because we read a bunch of Shakespeare plays and I didn’t understand them. His plays weren’t funny and no one can understand them. The phrase ‘iambic pentameter’ still gives me nightmares. But remembering some of his quotes did come in surprisingly helpful last week.

Q: If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

A: Is this a trick question? I mean it feels like one. If I say there’s nothing, then I sound pompous and arrogant. But, if I say something real, does that count against me? Is someone keeping score?


Q: What early event shaped you the most?

A: When my younger sister, Laney, managed to get me in trouble with our parents for the first time. I realized I had to up my game. It’s tough to compete against a cute three-year-old.

Q: Complete the following sentence: “I am the kind of person who …“

A: … hates completing sentences that start like this.

Q: What is the one word you would use to define yourself? What is the one word others would use to define you?

A: I’d say ‘persistent’. I hate to give up when one more attempt might solve the problem. That’s usually a sign of a good engineer. Or detective! Others have called me ‘obsessive’. Yet, often a person’s biggest strengths are also their greatest weaknesses. All in all, I prefer ‘persistent’, it’s more positive.

Q: What makes you laugh?

A: A good pun or Dad joke never fails to crack me up.

Q: What annoys you?

A: Software bugs. And green salsa. What’s with that? Salsa should be red. Green seems cool and calming when you see it in a dish. Almost pretty even. But, watch out! It’s a big fake-out. Green salsa is way spicy … I’m not going back to that place again.

Q: What is the most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you?  

A: What!? Hey, that’s not a fair question to spring on me. I was promised this was going to be a friendly interview, not probing about that humiliating time when I  …  Can we move on?

Q: What do you feel most passionately about?  

A: That seems a little personal, too. Are you going to publish this? What did my boss get me into? I thought this was a reward for my outstanding work. Can Laney help me with the answers, she’s in HR so she’s used to making execs sound smarter than they really are. You still want an answer? Well, I’m not sure I’m passionate about them, but I really like tacos. Just no green salsa.

Q: How does it feel to be in a third book?

A: I don’t understand. What books?

Q: Serf and Turf: A Silicon Valley Mystery. It’s a humorous murder mystery. Surely, you’ve heard of it?

A: No, sorry. Lately, I’ve been too busy to read. There has been this guy who seems to be watching me all the time and writing down everything that happens. It’s not like I’m paranoid or anything. But, it’s as if he’s inside my head and knows what I’m thinking. He follows me around everywhere. Is it paranoid if it’s the truth?

Thanks, Marty for your time. Serf and Turf, book 3, in the Silicon Valley Mystery series, can also be read standalone. All the books in the series are free for Kindle Unlimited readers. Buy them on Amazon at and watch for the audiobooks of the whole series from Recorded Books coming later this year. For more about the books or author, please visit

About The Book:

Serf and Turf: A Silicon Valley Mystery (Book 3) by Marc Jedel

cover-serf-and-turfHe’s afraid of losing his girlfriend. But maybe he should be more concerned about the dead body she’s crying over?

Marty Golden can barely string a voicemail message together, let alone keep up with his new love. This quirky uncle’s hectic Silicon Valley lifestyle needs a reboot when a youth league soccer game becomes a murder scene. And nothing can stop him from donning his amateur sleuth uniform when he discovers his sweetheart used to have quite a thing for the dead guy …

With a not-so-helpful paw from Buddy the Labrador,  he does his best to sniff out a long list of possible suspects. But between gossipy soccer moms and the costume-clad members of a Renaissance Faire, Marty’s theories fall harder than a jousted knight.

Can Marty solve the case before the trail and his new flame grow cold?

Serf and Turf is the third book in the zany, Silicon Valley cozy mystery series. If you like laugh-out-loud comedy, dorky sleuths, and a festival of old-world fun, then you’ll love Marc Jedel’s humorous murder mystery.

Book Links: Amazon

About The Author:

marc-jedelFor most of my life, I’ve been inventing stories. Some, especially when I was young, involved my sister as the villain. As my sister’s brother for her entire life, I’m highly qualified to tell the tale of this evolving, quirky sibling relationship.

My writing skills were honed in years of marketing leadership positions in Silicon Valley. While my high tech marketing roles involved crafting plenty of fiction, we called these marketing collateral, emails, and ads.

The publication of my first novel, Uncle and Ants, gave me permission to claim “author” as my job. And achieving Amazon Best Seller status gave me even better adjectives to use in front of “author.” This has led to way more interesting discussions than answering “marketing.”

My family would tell you that Marty’s character isn’t much of a stretch of the imagination for me, but I’m comfortable with that situation.

Like Marty, I live in Silicon Valley and can’t believe that otherwise normal people would willingly jump out of an airplane and call it fun. Unlike Marty, I have a wonderful wife and a neurotic but sweet, small dog, who is often the first to weigh in on the humor in my writing.

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  1. Thanks so much for hosting me today. I hope your readers will enjoy reading SERF AND TURF as much as I did writing it. At, people can get the first chapter FREE for all three of my books (UNCLE AND ANTS, CHUTES AND LADDER, SERF AND TURF) simply by signing up for my newsletter. SERF AND TURF can be read standalone or as part of the series. With Book 4 underway, now’s a great time to enjoy Uncle Marty’s adventures as he bumbles through his investigations.

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