My Birthday Boy

The big win this month is that my son’s 16th birthday didn’t put a huge hole in my pocket. His presents, cake, and birthday movie were all paid for by gift cards that I have earned over the last few months. It is the first birthday he has had since he outgrew dollar store toys that I haven’t worried about financially.

In September, once again I was able to increase my monthly average so that is another huge win for me. I am actually starting to believe that I will make my $500 a month goal by the end of December. I am discovering that this is a lifestyle that can pay off big or at least big enough. Being on the lookout for how my everyday activities can pay for themselves is just becoming second nature.  This month I am testing an app that pays for miles driven ( because driving happens why not get paid for it ) and my next goal is to get one of the shopping apps set up and working for me. If anyone has advice on how to maximize reciept apps, I would love to hear about it. I am also starting research on one of those weight-loss betting apps. If they pay out I will let you know.

For New Finds, I  discovered this weekend, that my local movie theater has a focus group that awards points towards movie tickets and snacks. I might just get to go to the movies more than once a year. I had registered one of our debit cards with Swagbucks Local a while back and frankly, it hadn’t amounted to much. Imagine my happy surprise when I discovered that this weekend’s birthday frivolities accrued points.  It is a good reminder to keep checking up on the changes sites make. Can you say “Free Groceries”? To celebrate, my recommended link this month is Swagbucks

I am still trying to wrap my head around paying for groceries with pieces of paper I print out at home, shopping online with money that was never in my bank account, and getting free stuff for purchases I have to make anyway, but I can get used to it.  I am just getting started and I would love to hear about your own journies into the black. Read my full story HERE


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