#FridayFlashback – Bearly Departed by Meg Macy

This is the best time of the year… New Christmas Books are coming. I am like a kid in a… well, a kid in a book store! Next week in a tour spotlight I have Meg Macy’s new book in the Teddy Bear Mystery Series, “Have Yourself a Beary Little Murder.” For a flashback, I thought it would be good to revisit my review of the first book in the series, “Bearly Departed”.



Leo Review sm

When Will Taylor, the sales rep for The Silver Bear Shop and Factory, turns up dead on the factory floor, store manager Sasha Silverman finds herself digging for clues to prove her Uncle’s innocence after some rather heated threats make him the prime suspect. If that weren’t enough, the murder has shut down her business over a holiday weekend with half her staff is quitting or suspected of criminal activity, her traveling parents seem to have gone AWOL, and she is reduced to asking her cheating ex-husband for help.

This was a terrific first installment of a new series. Sasha did a fantastic job of taking us on a tour of her small Michigan town and introducing us to her neighbors. By the time the book was finished we were old friends, had caught up on the old gossip and we now know just who to keep an eye on in the coming books. I am sure I am not the only reader who wishes she could pop online and pick up a teddy bear. Meg Macy has written a small-town atmosphere with a modern-day vibe and while the story shop names may be cutes,y there is very little cliche here.

The backbone of this story is the teddy bear factory and the family that runs it. The behind-the-scenes of a teddy bear factory fit in nicely with the unwinding clues, providing the perfect balance of story and mystery. It is quite an enjoyable read with lots of false trails and red herrings to keep the readers fully engaged.


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