New romantic comedy from D.E. Haggerty? Yes Please!

About Face (Love in the Suburbs Book 1) by D. E. Haggerty

Let me state right off the top, I want to adopt Grandma!

In this first book in the ‘Love In The Suburbs’ serAbout Face (Love in the Suburbs Book 1)ies, Frankie is a high-end event planner who has spent years focusing on her career. She has a designer wardrobe, a great apartment in the city, and a circle of like-minded friends who love a great party as much as she does. She has all anyone could want, that is until a serious car accident leaves her badly injured.

Unable to navigate the stairs to her apartment, she finds it necessary to live with her grandparents, in the suburbs, during her recuperation. Her grandmother seeing how desperately unhappy Franky is, figures if 50 years of marriage kept her happy then the right man just might bring Frankie a little bit of happiness. Armed with the grandsons of her friends and earthy advice that only a grandma can get away with giving, she sets Frankie up on blind dates to varying degrees of hilarity.

In sheer desperation, Frankie conceives of the idea to distract Grandma by fake dating her gorgeous physical therapist. There are only a couple of complications. He doesn’t go in for fake and he may actually be just what Frankie needs.

As always the relationships between the characters are the strength of Haggerty’s storytelling. Sure the story is romantic and it is comedy, but at the heart, it is a journey of self-discovery. Armed with a new life view and new friends Frankie takes a hard look at both the best and worst of the life she has spent her adulthood building and inside herself to find a way forward after a life-changing event.

For those who pay attention to such things, there is a bit of heat in this book along with a touch of language. It is, in my opinion, a thoroughly enjoyable read and I cannot wait for the next installment in the series.



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