#FridayFlashback – Molly’s Misadventures by D.E. Haggerty

One reads many books when writing a book blog and to be quite honest, not a few of them get lost in the background noise of formulaic writing and trends.  Which, of course, isn’t to say they aren’t actually well written or not worth reading, just that sometimes they seem to be flashes of beige on a white background. Every now and then though, a bright splash of color happens and that is how I remember Molly’s Misadventures. While I have thoroughly enjoyed every book I have read from D.E. Haggerty, Molly was my first and favorite. Next week Ms. Haggerty is releasing her latest book, ‘About Face.’ I thought it might be fun to revisit this old favorite.

Molly's Misadventures


Leo Review sm

Molly is on the fast track to success and if it seems that she has given up on her childhood dreams, she has a nice house, a great job in New York City, and solid marriage… or so she thought until she came home in the middle of the day to find her husband and his secretary.

Called back home to Wisconsin to help her ill father, Molly finds that she needs to re-evaluate her life. She suddenly realizes that her dreams may not be something she has moved on from. As if that isn’t enough, she finds out the boy next door (the one she spent her childhood crushing on) is once again living next door and is still completely crushable.

I use the word fun a lot on this blog, but rarely does a book personify the word as completely as this one. Hilarious, Humorous, and Witty also leap to mind. Told in the first person and as a series of quirky Facebook updates along with witty blog posts, this story had me laughing quite literally until I cried.

In going back home, Molly’s goal is to get her dad situated with a home nurse so she can get back to her life as soon as possible and move on from her suddenly disastrous marriage. Her plan is complicated by the fact that her obnoxious father has a certain reputation with the local home health care services and hiring a private nurse, as easy as it should be, really is not.

It is complicated further by her pushy, but well-meaning, best friend who has decided that the best thing for a broken heart is to get right back in the saddle. She sets Molly on course that leads to several hilarious internet dating fiascoes.  Seeing an opportunity to convince Molly that what she really wants is what she has always wanted, to be a writer, Dianne also sets Molly up with a blog and a blogging class.

Muddying up the waters still more are the really hot guy next door and his young daughter, who seem to really want to be a part of her life. As Molly reels from one comedic disaster to the next, she finds that her life is not what she thought it was and that she has options she never dreamed of.

The characters and relationships in this story are incredible. From the ease at which Molly reconnects with the boy next door to her dealing with the strained relationship with her mother, the characters jump off the page and become real to the reader. Everyone knows or should know an irascible group of ‘mature’ ladies like Molly’s blogging class. Everyone has or needs a best friend like Dianne, a polar opposite who still has your back after all the years and secrets. And, let’s face it, every girl wants the boy next door.

Molly’s story is a how-to on how to meet life’s “little” challenges head-on with laughter and introspection. Also, if you want to start a blog there is plenty of inspiration.

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