The Summer of New Beginnings (A Magnolia Grove Novel)

The Summer of New Beginnings By Bette Lee Crosby


The Summer of New BeginningsIn the Briggs family, Dad has always been the family center. When he dies suddenly, younger daughter Meghan is heartbroken and though it means she has to give up her dream of being a journalist, keeping her Father’s home business running is a way she can stay close to him.

Older daughter Tracy, already feeling a bit like an outsider makes some poor choices that leave her feeling even more removed from her family, and mom Lyla used to relying on her husband to keep things on an even keel is just kind of lost.

This first installment of the Magnolia Grove Novels is the story about how these women find themselves and learn to move forward again. Life doesn’t stop for the living when a loved one dies. Meghan has a chance at a new life and maybe love. Tracy needs to find the strength to move forward from the place her choices have taken her and take care of her son.  Lyla just needs to let go and realize her daughters are brilliant young women. It is a story of love, family, and sisterhood.

A Year of Extraordinary Moments

This was a wonderful introduction to the people living in Magnolia Grove. It is a pleasant-seeming small town filled with characters that ring true and inspire feels. It will be great to visit with them again. Tracy’s Story is continued in ‘A Year of Extraordinary Moments’.

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