The Baby Plan by Kate Rorick

The Baby Plan
Written By Kate Rorick

The Baby PlanThis novel follows the lives and pregnancies of three women. Married Nathalie, who has been trying to get pregnant, her younger sister Lyndi, who didn’t plan on getting pregnant, and makeup artist Sophia who has a teen daughter and a rock star boyfriend when she finds out about her oops baby.

The book is about how pregnancy impacts each of these women and is filled with plenty of charming, and some not so charming, characters who add to the pre-mommy chaos. These are the kind of people that are found in everybody’s life and gives the story a kind of genuineness. It is a laugh riot with plenty of feels and completely captures the roller coaster ride of looming motherhood from pregnancy books to ridiculous gender reveal baby showers and everything in between. With three entirely different yet intertwining perspectives, there is something for every reader to relate to.

The end seemed a bit rushed to me like the story wasn’t quite finished, I would have preferred a bit more closure from all three women, but it was definitely an enjoyable read and Rorik is an author I would love to read again.

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