Picture Books and Life’s Little Lessons

Lala Feels Blah-La
Written by Tela Kane
Illustrated by Goran Vitanovic

LaLa Feels Blah-La (LaLa's World #1)Lala wakes up in a bad mood and isn’t sure why. Her mom convinces her to try a happy thought to chase away the blahs. Brightly colored child-friendly art will keep little ones engaged and help drive home the message that sometimes bad moods happen and kids can exert control over their world by making a choice that a bad mood doesn’t have to mean a bad day. This was a great story, but there were some serious formatting issues with my kindle copy.

I received a copy of this book from a good reads giveaway

A Day at Salamander Park
Written by Reniya Brown-Shareef

A Day at Salamander ParkThere is a carnival at Salamander Park and Henry, his sister Carrie, and their friends are having a great time until Ralph the neighborhood bully starts giving them a hard time.

Written by a…

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